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    Anybody Famous For Anything?

    I once gave Adam Boulton off of Sky News a b*****king - we were in Iraq at the time and he was trying to make a phone call next to an armed aircraft. I still smile every time I see him on TV.
  2. mark

    N.E.S Meet # 7

    pandabean (Thurs - Sun) Mousey (Fri-Sun, Subject to confirmation) Kiltedpict (late Fri-Sun) CBJ+1 Thursday- Sunday mark (Thurs - Sun) Haggis supper: 8 tins of Haggis - pandabean x2, Potatoes 3kg - Gravy granules. Stew: 1 lb. cubed/diced beef - pandabean 1 lb. cubed/diced beef - mark 1 lb...
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    Woodlore Shopping Experience

    I live in an area that's classed as Highlands and Islands so it's a "postal problem area", however, I get exactly the same brilliant next day experience as everyone else when I use Woodlore. I often use them as an example to people and companies when they tell me that they can't deliver to my...
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    The Hunger: Death Race on Discovery

    Did anyone else see this last night on Discovery? On again today. Looks like it may have been on Animal Planet at some point as well. African bushcraft, tracking and hunting with the San, a hunter...
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    Argyll Coastal Camp

    Great report, reminds me that I need to go back to that area at some time. :)
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    N.E.S meet #6

    Haggis supper: 8 tins of Haggis - Charles x2, Pandabean x2 Potatoes 3kg - Charles 1kg Gravy granules. Stew: 1 lb. cubed/diced beef - Pandabean 1 lb. cubed/diced beef - Mark 1 lb. cubed/diced beef - Mark 2 onions 5 carrots 10 medium potatoes 1 can kidney beans Salt/pepper/Butter/olive...
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    N.E.S meet #6

    CBJ (+1) - Thur-Sun CharlesLockerbie (+1) Thur-Sun Taylor, Susan & Holly - Fri-Sun Mark - Fri - Sun
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    N.E.S meet #6

    I will be home 24/25 Apr so I'll be able to make this one now, probably Friday through to Sunday. Wife won't be impressed, but what's a few more days? Cheers Mark - currently floating off the west coast of Norway :-)
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    N.E.S meet #6

    Hi Craig, Same as usual, if I'm home I'll be there, won't know till nearer the time. cheers
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    A Wolf Called Storm

    Thank you, that was really good, but then I'm biased - wolves are my favourites.
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    With thanks to Rod Paradise.. A few pics of some jewellery he commissioned from me.

    Those look lovely Rachael, my wife constantly gets comments and compliments about the tree pendant I got from you. She's just looked at these and really likes the look of dreamcatcher necklace.
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    Longest Night

    Up here I don't think it's got fully light for the last few days so longer days will be a bonus.
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    Your picture of the day...

    Brilliant, love it!
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    A Highland Haven.

    That's brilliant - a beautiful part of Scotland, not seen it before. The midges remind me of a callout I did on Slioch many years ago for a woman with a broken ankle, I was in the control vehicle on the side of Loch Maree running the comms so no escaping the midges for me. The next day my face...
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    Meteor shower 13-14th !!! Visible around the world !!

    The only thing we saw last night in the sky was large snowflakes. Tonight it's large rain drops - no meteors for us then :(