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    This is really sad news :( My thoughts go out to his family.
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    My new toy: KA-BAR USMC

    Got myself a new toy to play with in the bush. :) It's not a bushcrafter per se, but I wanted to have one of these classics for ages. Other than the tip which needs some work, the blade and handle are in good condition. :D Can't wait to try it out!!! Thanks for looking!
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    A walk in the park

    I had a rare day off work and got the chance to get out for a hike in my local park - the Palatinate Forest. Thanks for looking! ATB Mike
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    New boots need some sort of care...but what?

    What's wrong with good old bees wax?
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    My BushClass USA thread

    Hi John, Cool! I agree that it can help focus one on mastering a certain skill or technique. I am looking forward to the next lessons :) Any advise you'd like to share? ;) ATB Mike
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    My BushClass USA thread

    Hey all, I am also a member on Bushcraft USA, and just started trying my hands on the BushClass USA lessons. Here's my first entry (the link is to my blog where I want to document my progress. The entry on my blog has all the links to BushClass USA). Linky...
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    2000 post random number competiton

    congrats Harvestman. 1275 would have been my second guess, naturally :D ;)
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    What's All This Then

    I first thought it looked like a big pile of dog poo! :p
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    A year in the life of a forager....

    10am? I am envious... I'll be following this with interest! Cheers
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    Happy Birthday Eric Methven

    Happy birthday!!! Have a good one
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    2000 post random number competiton

    1978, the year I was born! Yeehaa!
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    Winter Bush Camp

    belated cheers for that :D
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    Winter Bush Camp

    Could you share/ pm the link? Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Winter Bush Camp

    Looking good! Who organised this if I may ask? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Darkside or just Heavy Weight Bushcrafting?

    nothin' wrong with a bit of creature comfort! Wish I had one of those too!