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    Newbie in Bristol - any groups/meets?

    I'm not too far from Bristol in Burnham on Sea and so is giles would be interested if a meet was to be arranged.
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    Billy cans

    Looking to buy a billy can as an alternative to standard mess tins Any suggestions?
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    Crosman custom 2250B .22 Co2 Carbine..............

    This looks awesome I had a standard rat Cather as a kid was good gun think I need this in my life. Good luck with the sale.
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    The Dartmoor Jolly Boys Outing....

    I would love to come to this but will be up at fernworthy on sunday-Monday. :(
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    British army Goretex bivvy bag

    PM sent Dan
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    British army Goretex bivvy bag

    I am interested just wondering if has hoop or not?
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    Hi from south wales

    Welcome to BCUK
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    British army Goretex bivvy bag

    Is this the hoop type???
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    Barbour Jackets

    Price sizes and pics please
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    Hello from Somerset.

    Hi my names Dan I'm pretty new to all this have been into walking for about 6 months now. But have recently been starting to plan a few trips. I hope people don't mind my questions but I will try and find info on the site first Cheers Dan
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    wild camping in dartmoor

    Sorry for all the Noob questions Me and 2 work friends are looking to wild camp on dartmoor looking for a good location have checked the map and know we can camp in all purple shaded areas just wondering if anyone knows of any good spots ( looking to camp under tarps so needs to be trees...