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    Folding knife with saw blade?

    Yep, got an Alox Harvester which is great and the saw is great for thin sticks, I just want something a bit beefier.
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    Folding knife with saw blade?

    I had a Mauser and sold the bloomin' thing. Eejit...
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    Folding knife with saw blade?

    Thanks. I'll take a look.
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    Folding knife with saw blade?

    Long time no post. Sorry... :rolleyes: I'm partial to a bit of stick making and usually carry an Opinel saw and an old Schrade Old Timer but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a reasonable option available of something combined? The Swiss army type have a neat little saw but I just wonder if...
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    need these boots

    UK supplier here Never purchased from them myself though...
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    Bb Ok?

    Frantic searches for change to top up the meter? :D
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    First Post Very First Knife Lots of Pics

    Agreed :) Looks very good!
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    New Stuart Mitchell knife

    Very classy :)
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    M.S nice Buckeye

    Very, very nice Mick ;)
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    What rucksack is this?

    I've still got the canvas one and it's still going strong (after a few running repairs). Great bits of kit.
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    Berghaus Cyclops 2 Vulcan

    Still got a 1981 Cyclops going strong. Just come back from China with my nephew. Fantastic sacs, the more battered the better according to my nephew... :D
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    Anyone else own a H1?

    Yep, it is one of Gerd Jorgensen's. Stabilised Elm burl with red liners. Looks better in the 'flesh' too :)
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    Anyone else own a H1?

    This is mine :)
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    SFA nicks

    Wet n'dry, a mouse mat, 20 minutes and you'll be fine.
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    Wanted: Stainless steel lanyard tube

    Got some 3/8" in 316L if you want some?