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    Tiny Meths Bottle

    Nope, single malt goes in hip flask!:beerchug:
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    Tiny Meths Bottle

    Thanks for the suggestions. I looked at a Trangia 0.3L from Cotswold Outdoor because I get a 20% discount with them plus there's another 6% by going through Quidco but £1 for the is the winner.
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    Tiny Meths Bottle

    I've got a small meths stove like the homemade coke bottle ones with an MSR titanium Titan kettle with a Trail Designs Caldera Cone and I replaced their flimsy burner with a more robust one. I have had a small plastic bottle to hold enough meths for a couple of days use as the system is very...
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    Alpkit Phlask

    Thanks for that. The Alpkit one is £40 and not £45 though. Hadn't thought of a cover but now you're giving me ideas.....
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    Alpkit Phlask

    The Alpkit Phlask is 550ml and made of titanium. Anybody got one, good or bad points?
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    School me on Merino Wool t-shirts

    I'm a wool convert. I've got a couple of Smartwool 'T' shirts for summer months and a couple of long sleeved vests for autumn to spring that go under a Craghoppers top. I also have one thicker Smartwool long sleeved "grandpa" button neck vest for when it really gets chilly. As has been said, I...
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    Hilltrek Ventile Braemar Smock Review

    Useful review, thanks.
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    Fallkniven U2

    Louis, I'll take it off your hands. PM me an e-mail address and I'll send you a scan of my passport. Nigel.
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    Handmade leather belts

    11) Burgundy, stitched, 40" - 46" £20 Please. Nigel.
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    New SWC!

    I'm luckier than you then. I ordered mine in December with a March 21st-ish due date. I just went for a plain oak handle. It was at school when I got there after the Easter break this morning. Students are back tomorrow. :pokenest: Nigel.
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    Higonokami group buy

    Mine arrived in fine fettle. :You_Rock_ Nigel.
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    Introducing the USB camping stove

    Did it originally come to light on April 1st? Nigel.
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    Sleeping bag alternatives

    I've had a Buffalo bag for over twenty years and find it more of a one or two season item than three. I think washing gives the inside more "loft" too. Nigel.
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    Higonokami group buy

    Sounds good to me. When do you want paying? Nigel.
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    Passing on a Shark by KELindblad

    Knife got to me this morning. Beautiful piece of kit. Thanks to Karl-Erik for making and Kimbo for passing it on. Nigel.