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    Wynnchester Adventurer Bedroll

    Pm sent.....
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    Sharps for sale Final Reductions

    PM sent re Lionsteel mini... ta.
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    Helsport Varanger camp 8 - 10

    Hi... is the stove included? Regards, Alan l.
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    Sasha thiel - Harfang (snowy)

    Hi.. you have a PM..... Alan L.
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    Wild camp security... needs a mention.

    Wild camped all over europe, middle east and africa. Animals are a problem, people usually not. Choose your spot carefully... stay safe. Alan l.
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    Recommendations for swb 4x4

    wat the risk of polarising opinion, Defender 90? Does all you could ever want off road. Bit of a pogo stick on road. Several here also have SwB Land Cruisers and they are a very nice comfortable car. Finally, I had a Pajero for 4 years in Jordan, used off road a lot, on road for distance, it was...
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    Twodogs wool bush shirt ,,Season 2 ........

    Hi sent you a pm, alan l.
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    All the knives in the world wouldn't help.......

    Not boring at all. Just reality and a very salutory tale. I rolled my 4 x 4 in september with 4bof us on board, completely my fault, had to be, no one else kwas involved. We were 5 hours outside of Addis Ababa, the nearest medical facility was hours away. It was only at this point did I...
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    Good Season for Snake Sign

    Not a snake persom, but really interesting, thankyou.
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    Recommend a lightweight ponch

    Rohan are now doing a poncho, no idea of what its performance is like etc, but maybe worthy of checking it out.
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    "Baker" style, Canvas campfire tent, unused, made by Firebreather on SOTP forum

    Dear all, in December 2013, I was tested and subsequently diagnosed with Throat Cancer. I have been in the UK since then undertaking treatment. Overall the prognosis is very good, but unexpectedly the length of time it is taking to recover is far greater than was ever envisaged...
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    Need To Start Canoeing Again

    Any activity would be enhanced with such a companion!
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    Tarp vs Tent (in the rain)

    Brave man in a tarp tent in Aus! Dont like the idea personally of allowing to much access to some of your countries top critters! Think I would prefef a swag these days, but then I rarely backpack these days either. Noseeum however is very sensible ootion, light to csrry and does give a good...
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    Hard boiled eggs in a fire.

    Must try that..... eggsellent!
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    SWAZI Windriver Jacket Review

    So 44 inch chest would be tge large, 34 inch waist l or m..... Thanks. Alan l.