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    Foraging workshop

    Well done Woody Girl, glad it went so well.
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    Saturday Spoonage

    Hi Kepis, these look really nice. I think that the blue on the lime one is a good idea as the natural wood doesn't have a lot of detail, so it gives it a bit of 'wow'
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    Italian Army Waxed Cotton Gaiters

    Hi, I'll have those please tobes01. Can you pm me with payment details please? Thanks
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    Elvaston Castle Woodland Festival - Derbyshire

    Hi Addo, Not sure which day I'll get there, but will definitely be there on one of the days. For anyone who has not been to this event before, it's a fantastic day out. It's not 'commercial' like some other events - it's just a great opportunity to meet and mix with fellow enthusiasts, and...
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    Coleman lantern - deluxe model 201! Need help and advice..

    Hi Samon, These are fantastic little lamps - particularly when you get one for just £4! There are loads of people who who pay ten times that to get their hands on one in good condition, so it's worth you persevering with getting used to it. You have been guided to Classic Pressure Lamps, which...
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    New sewing machine

    Wow Re8eldog, that looks posh! I got an old Janome, think it was about £25. I'm not capable of making clothes or anything fancy, so started by making peg bags (for tents) out of scrap materials. My scout group scrapped a couple of old tents, so I grabbed the old canvas and made bags for Vango...
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    Anyone remember a thread on a diy canvas rucksack?

    Was it this one? (Hope the link works!)
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    Elvaston Castle Woodland Festival 2013

    Been to the show today. This really is a wonderful show, with so many different skills being exhibited, by people who not only show their expertise, but are really willing to chat about what they do and share their knowledge and enthusiasm. To top it all the sun came out! The council must be...
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    Activities for scouts

    Hi Olle, did a cub camp (the younger age group than Scouts) recently, and we had a couple of cadets helping us as part of their D of E work. We did a base where we covered (1) making an emergency shelter -a low one for daytime concealment (2) making a shelter using a basha (3) make pegs from...
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    Home made flywheel lathe video

    Fascinating - thanks for posting Biker.
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    Todays spoon carving course.

    SOAR, thanks for the course yesterday and for posting the pictures of our work. I really enjoyed working with you - you were certainly patient, and I never felt rushed. Having never carved before, I was delighted that I managed to produced a pretty decent spoon at the end (with a butter knife...
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    Cheap canvas stuff sacks

    Thanks for the heads up on these, £1 each including delivery - can't be bad :)
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    Why did I buy a 246 Tilley?

    Hey - as someone born before 1960, I don't class 1974 as a 'bit old'! :-). And you do realise that this lamp will soon need another one to keep it company? You'll buy it for spares of course, but then think that 'it's too good not to save' ........... :). If you need any guidance / advice...
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    Whos going to Spoonfest?

    Can only make it as a day visit, as I'm in France with Explorer Scouts, but I'm looking forward to this. :)