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John Fenna
Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2020 at 9:06 PM
Oct 7, 2006
Likes Received:
Jul 25, 1957 (Age: 62)
same as my interests realy! plus Care Work

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John Fenna

Lifetime Member & Maker, 62, from Pembrokeshire

John Fenna was last seen:
Jan 23, 2020 at 9:06 PM
    1. herne_spirit
      Hi John. Not sure if you are the guy mentioned in the latest greencraft video? If you are do you still have the pdf file mentioned in the video you can send out?
    2. Greg
      Phew.. No ticket
      Thank you very much for coming both of you.. It was great seeing you.
      Thank you aswell for purchasing my picture
      See you next Tuesday John.. Save me a good basha spot
      Enjoy the rest of your day.
      All the best
    3. mark oriel
      mark oriel
      Hi John, how you doing? Its been a long time, hope all is well have to catch up
    4. B22C
      Hi John,
      Nick Beecham here!
      Joining BCUK turned into a bit of mission but I got there in the end!
      How do I join the group?
    5. Collin Guy Duncan
      Collin Guy Duncan
      John thanks a bunch for your welcome,sorry for previous note with text about Cat ndog ??? was 4 another guys welcome....hope to chat n learn stax ,Thanks Collin
    6. Collin Guy Duncan
      Collin Guy Duncan
      I had a good giggle at your kind welcome note to me ...cat sratch?/dog nip??hahahah thanks again forthe warm welcome bud ..Collin
    7. John Fenna
      John Fenna
      Any time mate!
    8. liamfromcarlisle
      Hi john just want to say a special thanktou for my very warm welcome off you and all the helpfull pics and info thank you again
    9. Elen Sentier
      Elen Sentier
      I just discovered your book ... is there a link to it? Is it still for sale?
    10. jacko1066
      Hi John, could you send me a link to your book? Im interested in having a look please!!
    11. gabrielsdad
      hi john, ive heard you do open canoe tuition? if so could you pm me details etc? regards
    12. Jonboy83
      Hi John it was a pleasure meeting and spending the day with you, looking forward to birch sap season, lots of sap wine hopefully we'll meet again soon ATB Jono
    13. wise old owl
      wise old owl
      John, your offer to email me plans to the Itasa is great. I, unsucessfully, tried to download the web site from the other fellow, but was unable to do so. I am not bery computer savvy? Thanks, Tom(Ignatz55@verizon.net)
    14. Deaner666
      Well what a small world! I occasionally pick up Sporting Shooter. Mostly because I've got a black lab puppy I've trained up as a retriever (which I'm writing about at www.10minuteretriever.com and www.celticrambler.co.uk), who'll be starting her first season picking-up for a local shoot come the open season. I'd like to get into a bit of shooting myself but it's probably a hobby too far at the moment! Cheers for taking the time to come back to me to satisfy my curiosity!
    15. Deaner666
      Hello John,

      Please satisfy my curiosity! After you replied to a thread I started a day or two ago, I sat down and picked up an old issue of Sporting Shooter and was thumbing through the gear reviews. There were a couple of reviews of some 5.11 cargo pants and 5.11 shear glasses. By amazing coincidence both reviews were by a certain John Fenna! I noticed you write the odd gear review and so was intrigued to find out if it was indeed you writing in Sporting Shooter...


    16. Path Finder
      Path Finder
      Hi John

      Did you get my e-mail about the book?


    17. Greg
      How about a wander around Pembrey Country Park on Thursday, Chris still doesn't have permission for his woods, I think he is free but I am still awaiting a reply!
    18. Greg
      Good man! I've already told Lydia I'm at yours on the 30th!
    19. John Fenna
      John Fenna
      Hello again - good to see you here!
    20. Greg
      Hello Mate, I'm back! had a good day today fella, see you in a couple of weeks for the BNO!
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  • About

    Jul 25, 1957 (Age: 62)
    same as my interests realy! plus Care Work
    Outdoor Activity:
    Bushcraft and birdwatching
    Done to much, worn out this body - need a new one!

    Trying to stop my arthritic knees stopping me, writing for magazines (especially gear reviews!)


    Love makes the World go round......Lust makes it all go pear-shaped...