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    Fig Tree Sap + Direct Sunlight + Skin = Burns and blisters.

    Wasn't sure whether this thread should have been in flora/fauna or in medical. Put it in flora/fauna so here is a link to it:
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    Fig Tree Sap + Direct Sunlight + Skin = Burns and blisters.

    Just thought I would pass this one on as I for one had never heard about this. A few days ago I cut a fig tree down in my garden. I was a lovely sunny day. Twenty four hours later I started to get a bit of a rash on my hands fore arms and back of neck. I had no idea what this was from...
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    Leather Wellies

    Cheers for all the comments. Looking at them online, I think I prefer the 'sailing' ones, they seem a little less 'range roveresque'. I've found stockists for both near me, so I'm going to try them both. I emailled Dubarry to ask what the difference between the Ultima (sailing) and Kildare...
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    Leather Wellies

    I was on a walk yesterday with a bloke who had some leather Dubarry boots. They looked great, had worn nicely and apparently last a lifetime. They had special leather outers that are waterproof and dry quickly and soft, and had a goretex lining. His were the Dubarry Ultima sailing boot...
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    Wanted - Swedish snow smock

    I've got one you can have if you pay the postage. Maybe do a swap if you have anything you don't want. It's a bit late now but P.M. me tomorrow if your interested and I'll let you know which one I have spare (as I may have one with buttons and one without).
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    Bulrush storing toxins

    Are Reed Mace and Bullrush definitely the same thing, I've never had a definite answer?? I have roasted the roots and they are actually really tasty. After roasting on the embers of a fire you peel away the outer stringy bit and chew the inner core, spitting out the fibre afterwards. High...
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    Foragers shoulder bag wanted

    Woodlore have just started stocking these:
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    Ginger Plant Question

    Wow, I have never heard of GBP before. Last time I made ginger beer I used this recipe from a brewing website: Ingredients: 1 - 2k ginger root dependant on taste, grated 2.5 k sugar 4 lemons, sliced 300g of Sultanas 3/4 tsp. Cream of Tartar 1 Packet of Champagne Yeast Approx 23 Litres...
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    Sloe Gin recipes and help required

    Great thread. I all for keeping the sloe gin simple - just sloes, sugar and gin. I froze my sloes to mimic the first frosts and then cut a slit in them all. The wire brush technique will definitely be used next season. Somebody mentioned using a berry picker like the one found on the RM...
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    Wanted: U.S. Pilots Flask

    Thanks to nolightweight I now have one. Still would like one more though. Tetley, looked a the SASS Kit website and couldn't find them. Anyone else have one?
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    Wanted: U.S. Pilots Flask

    I keep seeing these come and go on here but seem to always miss out. I'm after one or preferably two U.S. Pilots flasks (1 pint). Does anybody have one or two spare or do you know where I can buy these? Cheers, Jim
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    Ray Mears 25th Anniversary knife.......

    Sorry to join this thread late. I recently purchased one, I think it was £400, which to be honest, I was very happy to pay. I love it and use it regularly, and intend to do so for many years to come. Hopefully if I have kids, I will eventually hand it down to one of them to use, the same way...
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    Sony Triniton 32inch CRT Telly - FREE!

    same as this:
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    Sony Triniton 32inch CRT Telly - FREE!

    I've got a Sony Triniton 32 inch telly (100hz). I no longer want so will give it away for FREE!! It is in full working order and comes with a matching cabinet. The model numer is: KV32FX60U Buyer must collect. I live in London, SW14. NOW GONE
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    Key Fob Survival Kit

    is the peanut lighter the newer one which is stainless steel and has a flat bottom so it can stand up? if so, I'll take the kit.