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  1. J

    Pinewood Clothing

    Got the grouse jacket as an outer layer, worn over a bog standard fleece. Can't really fault it for keeping the wind and damp out. Pockets could be better laid out for my uses but they can't cater for everyone. Also got a pair of mits/fingerless gloves, plenty warm enough for the UK. Reasonably...
  2. J

    Sustainability of Rabbit populations

    The old manor house in the village had a warren, fairly near to the ornamental lake and a quick walk from the rear of the manor house. The manor house is long gone now but the warren is still there and the population is managed by cats for the most part. Mine has one most days in the summer...
  3. J

    "Wild" camping and air rifle shooting

    At the moment its a .22 Crossman Phantom, springer. Saving up for a BSA R10 Mk2, PcP, and I think I will go .177 with that.
  4. J

    "Wild" camping and air rifle shooting

    I have taken up, and I am getting pretty good at air rifle shooting. I am not ready to take rabbits yet but hope to be by next summer. I have seen this place after doing a bit of googling. Anyone have any experience of the place...
  5. J

    Amazon Prime

    Did the same with me last year, got my money back. Now signed up for it for free for 6 months as I am a mature student. I find it really useful, not only for the free next day delivery on quite a few things but also the TV service. I tend to buy a most things on Amazon now, books, electronics...
  6. J

    Navigation by nature?

    I read somewhere, though I can't remember where, that you can get a general idea with tree rings as they are thicker on the side that faces the sun for most of the day. Obviously this would only be of use if you had plenty of stumps all over the place though...
  7. J

    Sharpening stones.

    PM sent but not heard back. Interested in one of each. Maybe 2 of each. PM me your paypal details and I can make payment. Ta
  8. J

    heads up blade sharpener

    It sharpened mine, its not pretty but its sharpened :) Not got a lot of experience with knife sharpening so practising with a couple of Moras. I have also nearly got a decent edge on my machete with it, got to go down a couple of grits tomorrow, I was knackered after re-profiling it though.
  9. J

    heads up blade sharpener

    Will pop down to B&Q tomorrow. Just what I am looking for.
  10. J

    New range in co-op could be useful.

    I take home made with me in small tupaware boxes. Never seen the point of boil in the bag stuff for out and about, unless you are out for a week or so.
  11. J

    Ray mears :(

    I really don't understand this mears vs bear rubbish, its like boyband worship, its really quite depressing. They are both good at what they do and are both entertaining and informative for different reasons. I missed most of them, as I always do with TV programs, the wife is in firm control...
  12. J

    Heads up on a Tobacco tin (one for the smokers)

    Golden Virginia are doing some limited edition Tobacco tins, about twice as wide as the standard tobacco tin. Picked up 2 from the local Co-Op. A great size for an emergency kit or a fire lighting box.
  13. J


    I love it but I am not very good at it.
  14. J

    big lads looking for a sleeping bag on a budget?

    I got one from ebay called big bag. Its not huge but its better than the standard size that come up to my armpits. Quite roomy round the middle too. I think this is the one. Its not army but despite the awful picture its quite good for the price and the compression bag it comes in packs down...
  15. J

    Tea Leaf or Tea Bag?

    Teabags but only Tetly. More of a coffee drinker, happy to drink most coffee, filter at home, instant away. Really enjoying the nescafe espresso at the moment