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    To tarp or tent?

    Thank you again for all the advice, I'm looking forward to my tarp and bivi arriving and will report back with how I get on when I next make it outdoors. It appears from my rather novice perspective that a tarp and bivi although may not be lighter than an ultralight tent, can be a far...
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    Hi there

    Just thought I'd introduce myself here, despite having made a couple of posts around the site already. I've got lots of camping experience, but no bushcraft experience to speak of, so I'm hoping to be learning a lot over my next few trips out, and also do some Tarp/Bivi camping as opposed to...
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    To tarp or tent?

    Thank you for all the advice. Definitely decided on the tarp and bivi route for my next purchase actually I've now got a DD tarp on order along with one of the alpkit hunka bivis. I might see if I can sell my TNF Tadpole and get a MSR Hubba HP for up in Scotland though :), it's only after...
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    Just thought I'd chip in and say I'm in Cambridge and would definitely be interested in meeting up at some point. I'm a newb when it comes to the bushcrafting side of things I'm afraid! is my msn.
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    To tarp or tent?

    I have previously been using a 2 man tent, which when I'm the only one sleeping in it, becomes a bit of a pain lugging it around for a while. So I'm looking at investing in either a 1 man tent or a tarp + bivi + whatever else I should include with it. Given that I already own a relatively...