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    Travelling by bike alternatives

    Last thing I'd do is wear a backpack for a long trip. I've used a trailer and they are perfect for this, though you will find you can't pull away from junctions/lights etc anywhere near as fast
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    Dog fur

    Look at this site -
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    New case for my Kobo Ereader

    Thanks guys :) Hamish, I used the rune stamps for the first time with a press... Yeah... Will go back to a hammer next time, almost went straight through the bottom, they were virtually knifelike! Nauthiz especially, I heard the leather fibres splitting.
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    New case for my Kobo Ereader

    Got fed up of not having a case for my Kobo Touch so I made this. I made it so the main strap also holds the unit upright with the extra snap so I can put it on the desk in front of me and just read :) Couldn't find any patterns so I made my own :P It ain't perfect, if I make another I would...
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    E-readers... Kobo v Kindle v Nook

    A tablet is good, and I'd love one. But not for books. Backlit screens mean the battery life is tiny in comparison and the text is much easier to read with an e-ink screen. Less eyestrain and longer service. I have my phone for all the other stuff - it has a kindle app too, but the battery life...
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    E-readers... Kobo v Kindle v Nook

    I bought myself the Kobo Touch when I got my tax rebate in September and must say I love it! The screen is good, easy to read in almost any light and unlike a physical book you can store literally thousands on there. I love my books, I love being able to look at the bookshelf and go 'that one'...
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    Nice! Might have to make one for the missus
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    Tooled Sporran. critique needed!

    Looks bloody brilliant mate :) well done
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    Out of practise - leather tooling (pic heavy)

    Not a reel case, although I guess it could be :) I made it because I'd never done a round bag before and wanted to try it. Thanks for all the great feedback!
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    Out of practise - leather tooling (pic heavy)

    Decided to do some leather tooling. After all, it's been a while but hey, you don't forget how to... Oh bugger, looks like I need more practice! The design is from a free 'steampunk' pattern download from Tandy Leather and painted in bronze and silver and antiqued a little with 'hi-liter', dyed...
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    First pouch in a long time

    Thanks Hamish and Rat :)
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    First pouch in a long time

    Hi all Not really done much crafting over the past year and a half, been a busy time for me - got married last March, wife moved back to Brisbane, Australia in April as her dad was ill, I left England to follow her 4 months later (visas are a P.I.T.A.!) and I got a job in November which has...
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    Touch Marks and Runes ?

    I'd use Seax, which in runes is these 3 AS runes well, as near as dammit that you can get :)
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    Leather workers i would like a little advice please

    I'd go with wetformed outer too, or you'll need to sew on bigger pockets!