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    .20 cal?

    think you can get em from theoben themselves mate, think they do a .20 evo? atb, wurz
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    .20 cal?

    i've been shooting a .20 rapid for a couple of years now, and recently converted my .177 R10 to .20 too. i find they do flyn a bit flatter than .22 but still only about halfway between .22 and .177, and although they definitely hit like a .22 does, there can still be a touch of overpenetration...
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    Air Rifles

    so buy a pump!! :rolleyes: cheers, wurz
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    lets see your air rifles!!

    i got my bsa R10 early last year in .177 but couldn't get on with it so i got it converted to .20 and carbined it using a theoben rapids barrel, this is it with dinner recently- cheers, wurz
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    grey squirrel cull

    they're not called tree rats for nothing are they!? they kill trees by ring barking, and pinch eggs from our rapidly declining songbird population, not to mention that theyre an invasive alien species. lead is the answer, and the back half when cooked, shredded and put in some wraps with hoi sin...
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    Coffee, 'strainer'

    nescafe anyone??!!
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    Beautiful rifles, making their own knives now too.

    how do they shoot, say compared to a theoben or daystate? cos i reckon i could do with that stutzen for rabbiting :rolleyes: i darent ask how much it'd cost!! knives look lovely too, bu i couldnt bring myself to use them, theyre works of art
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    Bushcraft PLCE webbing

    well i'm fairly new on here but i thought that surely the idea was to go out and have fun? if webbing works for you, great, use it, if it doesnt, or youre worried about someone calling the armed response unit then dont!jeez, if it makes you happy go out shirtless with a headband... i didnt think...
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    alright dave how's it goin? saw yer name so i thought i'd say hi... hows the missus n dog, all...

    alright dave how's it goin? saw yer name so i thought i'd say hi... hows the missus n dog, all good i hope... been a busy year this way so i couldn't get any time out to come spend a day or two botherin you like i'd hoped... should have my own roman/saxon style forge sorted pretty soon so i...
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    alright folks, my names wurz, got back into the great outdoors a few years back cos towny life was properly doin my nut... spent all my childhood and teen years living in the cotswalds lighting fires,shooting airguns and camping where i shouldn't have been, as you could back then...was also a...