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    Stew's Works in Progress!

    Love the spring tension solution. A very elegant solution to an otherwise complex clamp assembly.
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    Bear G possible fine for eating frog

    As do I. I just recognise mine as being subject to the right price. ;)
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    Bear G possible fine for eating frog

    £20m eh? Hmmm. Thats about 1000x my net worth. Would I drink urine, funnel turtle guts up my bum, climb Everest and all the other weird & wonderful stuff he does for that sort of money? Too bloody right I would!
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    BcUK Photograph of 2019 February Heat

    Hmmm. A good place to drop this?
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    Knife makers ASSEMBLE!!!

    I'm relatively new and humbly equipped, but I'd be happy to take on a commission on the price basis of materials + p&p plus an honest review.
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    Help!! I need all the help I can get!!!

    Signed. I've been to Norway once and the cost of flying with fishing gear was enough to stop me going again! I also heard that the ferry was good for Newcastle/North Easts economy when it ran, as we received a lot of scandinavians for sightseeing and Christmas shopping trips.
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    Custom Catapult

    Yeah, when I searched for it the next vid was his 'making of'. I imagine that its quite possible though, and a 20mm steel bearing to the noggin at anything more than about 5mph is going to make for a pretty bad day!
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    Custom Catapult

    Lovely catty. Careful with it though....
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    Next level spoonage.

    Those spoons are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. The comments on the fact that they're 'spoons' and calculating their worth at an hourly rate is interesting though. How much would I pay for one of those if it were cast from a mould, or 3d printed? A fiver? A tenner? (Personally, I wouldn't...
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    A little tiddler

    Cheers! It's certainly closer to cute than 'badass'!! Nice idea with the salmon leather, but its his birthday tomorrow, so its either make something up tonight from what I have, or he gets it wrapped in cardboard & tape (for now).
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    A little tiddler

    I made a few small blades recently, and looking at the bare tang of this, it seemed to be shaped like a fish. I had just the stuff for it in a drawer. Hope you all like it. Any comments or critique welcome.
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    Knife users perspective wanted - Why drop the point?

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I'm really enjoying the perspectives given. This is a big part of my fascination with knives, since blades were one of - if not the earliest tools on the path of human evolution. All of the 'classic' features of knives evolved for various purposes and reasons...
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    Knife users perspective wanted - Why drop the point?

    Comparing puukko styles to other hunter & 'classic bushcrafter' profiles got me thinking. There are some classic blade profiles that have very obvious designs, like skinners and sheepsfoot to avoid unwanted levels of pointy/poky/stabbyness. What is the purpose in dropping the point down on...
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    Small hatchet

    Not quite a hatchet, but following the theme of Fiskars love in the thread, I have an XA3 brush axe that I can thoroughly recommend if it suits your purpose. The blunt hook may exclude it from some tasks but I was truly stunned at how deep it will bite into green wood. There are some good...
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    Leatherwork - no more tooling!

    Got a bit more done last night. Just need to finish the brass & give it a clean up and it'll be ready for an edge.... This stuff shines up nicely and gives a lovely grippy feel, but boy does it stink! Do I push my 'first attempt at this' luck and try my hand at a convex edge, or stick to...