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    D-Power remote stove fix

    Cheers all fiited now and work.. but will remember that for next time ... as i have an identical stove and it seems an issue with the seals .:)
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    D-Power remote stove fix

    Thought I do a write up for a D-power stove repair that was required after one use on a weekend trip recently and I think these are quite a popular stove due to price What I found is that the heat from the stove built up while inside a windshield which in turn caused a bit of grass near the...
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    Vango Vemon ?

    Well no answers, but I bought it and have used it... got the Venom 300, nice and cozy in a bivi bag, no issues with the damp as yet.. will try in the zero range soon (hope)
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    How to "Purify" Pine Resin

    I process my collected resin by heating in a tin, the when seems fluid I pour through a large tea strain into silicon cake moulds to form small pucks. The method seems to keep some of the flammables in the resin. I often scrape small amounts into my tinder to start fires. I also don't chuck the...
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    BG arrives in Town

    Yep landrover it should be... but now we dont make em india owns it all.... no longer british...flash git
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    Been Making again

    Ok will post with a scale :) no worries will post with a mora (we all know)
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    Vango Vemon ?

    Hi has anyone got a Vango venom as I was thinking of getting the 200 maybe the 300 down bag but as I have never had a bag from them I wondered what the quality is like ?:sleeping:
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    Low carb camping scoff

    I just bought a £22 Dehydrator from ebay (5 tiers) works like a charm and after a few youtube vids on using for backpacking foods have tried a few things..its great as I also own a vacuum bag machine and use the cheaper rolls of bags to store my foods... now any extras i cook tend to get...
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    hobo or honey

    Bought a nice new honey stove from had it two weeks used it once and my son took it down to local woods to use...2 weeks past and I asked where my stove was packed (his bag I think) go'e into get it from the pack and find a empty green pouch with the smaller part for the...
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    Not a Jerven Bag

    Arktis stuff is great, I have a combat smock in a realwood (camoreal) pattern almost as good as pertex in use, very light and thin but very windproof.
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    anybody near Scarborough?

    I'm near whitby ....
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    Clear quick drying fabric glue

    Well basting tape comes in a few forms, some not so good...heres a link to the stuff i use.... instant stick and hard to remove
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    Making Beef Jerky In an Oven

    I make my own but i add a little of my home made mushroom ketchup ( smalls and tastes like worcester sauce, and the remaining power is great in everything) Here's a link for a guy on youtube that shows traditional food methods....
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    Been Making again

    I use 15mm matt black poppers, and I hand set them with a tool provided (ain't got a bench tool yet) I find them a little temperamental to get the fixing right with the hand tool and hammer. I can provided the ebay seller for you if you like... ?
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    Been Making again

    the leather c shape stands for my surname and also means PAckman lol...(my son calls me packman, as i like to make bags ect) Also for scale on the dump pouch look at the photo with the pouch open..alongside is a measure in cm..and inches...