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    fire kits going cheap........

    Hi there, I'll take one!!
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    Tentipi Advice Please!

    would love to know how to reduce them!
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    Tentipi Advice Please!

    here ya go. and how I make a porch
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    Tentipi Advice Please!

    I use a Safir 9 CP with the family and a helsport stove. My kids are 3 and 5 and they have their own inflatable beds. Me and the misses use a double inflatable bed. This occuplies half of the tent! Let me know if you want any pictures of the inside. I prefer the stove option as you can reduce...
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    Forged Kettle/Billy hangers!

    I do not have any photos of the actual leg of lamb but here is the principle. works a treat although never tried it in our fireplace. I think that SWMBO would go ape!!
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    Forged Kettle/Billy hangers!

    git mine yesterday and I must say it is just great. I used it to roast a half leg of lamb on some string with some paper midway up the string to act as a wind powered turner. Worked a treat. Thanks for the pot hanger.:)
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    Forged Kettle/Billy hangers!

    Paypal sent:D
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    Dry bags

    I use the eVent ones and I must say they are brill. easy to use with great compression and they are waterproof. Sadly this was tested when a tent leak occured but my clothes were dry!
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    If money is no object then look at the icey Tek range they are simply fantastic. I have the smallest 25l one and it is great. Else costco do igloo maxicold series 40l approx (on wheels) and will keep stuff iced for 5 days, which I use for game storage and family camping.
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    Forged Kettle/Billy hangers!

    launditch1, just spotted these as have been away love the pot hanger and would love to have one if there is one available.
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    sleeping bag with wiggle room

    I can recommend the Mountain Equipment Dreamcatcher 750 with the flexible mid section. I also use a nanok -10 which is good but not as comfortable as the ME.
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    what ive been up to this week

    Liken' it lots. Well done
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    Hi Guys, spoon carving help

    no issues with tung oil taste. Saying that most of the "user" spoon have been washed.
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    Barbour Wax Jacket Northumbria V Beaufort

    Ruger, I share the same, perfect height and size as you and have had a midweight beaufort for 6 years and it has served me proud. It has had alot of abuse and still looks great. I prefer the shorter length as it does not impead my movement when out and about or when shooting.
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    Recommend me a Vacuum Packer

    I have used the Eiffel Freshpack Pro and it was great. Did a good job of packing some game I shot (actually rabbit and grouse).