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    Abu Garcia portable smoker

    Yes please. Pm en route
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    Old news: 2013. PO states "weapons" cannot be posted, shows pic of knife.

    I had one try it on me when she found out it was a knife. I just said it was sheathed and packaged properly, aswell as being legal. She took it and that is the only incident ive had. Except for jute fluff being cut open to check it was what i said it was.
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    Swazi Tahr in Large

    Hi mate. I dont think your allowed to offer things for sale in this thread. You need to be a full (paying) member to post in the classifieds mate. Im pretty sure a mod will let you know if im right or not.
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    Woodlore and Fallkniven U1 for sale

    Good luck with the sale, ive just traded a u1. They strop up scary sharp, i only parted with mine as i had an enzo pk70 for fathers day, and im not a collector. Great legal edc.
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    not very bushy but fun.......

    Google carved water melons. Some are amazing.
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    SWAPPED parang malay blade

    Ive got a fallkniven u1 we could maybe do a deal over mate.
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    your favourite boots

    Plus 1 to that.
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    I Love Magpies

    I used to see a lad who was about 15 when i was about 5-6. He used to ride round town with a magpie on his bmx handle bars. Hed helped it when he found it injured and it never really left. It lived in trees near his house. Whenever he came outside the maggie would swoop down to see him. And...
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    Sickened by vandals again

    I see this sort of thing all the time in local woodland. Its always just completely senseless too. You cant possibly figure out what they are doing. Except being destructive for destructives sake.
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    Hi all from Staffordshire...

    Hi mate. Where in staffs are ya?
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    A few odd and sods and a rucksack or two!

    Ey up cowboy. Ill get some pics later, there at my mates at the moment. I took them up so his kids could make their own firesteels. Ill nip up to get them later, there is a good few. Id say atleast 30 of them. Ill email you some pics later or tomorrow fella. Well do a deal somewhere or other.
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    A few odd and sods and a rucksack or two!

    Ive got loads of end points from 4-8 inch long if its any good to you cowboy?
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    More fresnel lenses

    Mine have arrived also, thank yoi. Anyone who ive promised will be in the post on monday.
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    More fresnel lenses

    Ive got 10 spare if you want them tony?
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    hello all from mrs fish

    Hiya mrs fish. Top bloke your hubby :)