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    Dartmoor October Meet ...

    Sounds great :) Do you know if the tentipi or bell tents have stoves in?
  2. FreddyFish

    The big one!!

    Well Ivan it looks like all the old buggers are crawling out of the woodwork for this one... So I better sign up to :) Got room for a tipi?
  3. FreddyFish

    what car you driving?

    This is mine :D
  4. FreddyFish

    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    I was looking at these Paul. What tent do you have? I would be really interested in which you ordered. Or did you have a special order done?
  5. FreddyFish

    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    Now who's got a stove for sale?
  6. FreddyFish

    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    Well it fits in the garden.... just. I've not put the floor in yet but I've no doubt it's fine Love it, Thanks :D
  7. FreddyFish

    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    It's arrived safe and well, I've not put it up yet but there was no damage to the packaging. Thanks for the extras. :D
  8. FreddyFish

    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    Well it's on route to the delivery depot at the moment... Don't be gutted Joe, you'll make me feel bad. I'll look after it for you and if I ever sell it I'll offer you 1st refusal.
  9. FreddyFish

    YAY!!! its not broken anymore!

    This should be converted in a poll... ;)
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    Assistant leaders?

    I started as an assistant scout leader a few years ago. My main motivating factors where; 1. To help a mate (he is the leader) 2. To build positive memories and experiences for the scouts 3. To play in the woods, lighting fires and passing on bushcraft/scouting skills. I know over the last...
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    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    PM sent :sigh:
  12. FreddyFish

    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    I'll take it... and work on getting a stove.
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    Tentipi Safir 9 CP

    I don't think that nobody wants to buy it... far from it. I'm really interested. the main draw for me is having a fire inside, and if I had one I would want the stove too and cost loads. So the cost of the tipi and stove is a bit scary for the amount of I would use it. Do you have a stove? or...
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    Unique Custom Theoben Evolution .22 Air Rifle

    Humm veeeeerry nice. are you sure the price is fixed? I not saying it's not worth it.. it's more to do with available funds.
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    RM Folding bucksaw

    I'd have it for £70 posted if you are interested. I won't be offended if you tell me to shuvit :D