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    It's awfully quiet round here.

    Hey folks, how's it going. I've been away from these forums and away from Scotland for a few years and was looking to keep up the bushcraft malarky. Who am I? Frazer - yeah Imaginative username, eh? Low level Outdoor Ed instructor, including bushcraft as an activity for kids/teens. Trained...
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    Anyone in sheffield :)

    Hi there, I'm over the way near Doncaster. Have a look for the meets, There's one up over the M62 and one down in the Peaks at least.
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    Help! Activity ideas needed for a two hour event

    I run 1.5hr and 3hr sessions pretty much daily. I support the 'doing it for a purpose' ethos, set a scenario. Need water? You're looking at nettle cordage, knife skills, water filtration and fire lighting. A bit much for 2 hours but you get the idea. Are your two sessions with the same group?
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    [June 27th-29th] Stead Hall Wood (Between Otley and Ikley)

    Alrighty, I'm working to 2130 on Friday so I'm looking at ambling along Saturday afternoon at some point. 1. ADz-1983 (Fri/Sat) 2. Digitracker 3. Flyfisher 4. copperhead TBC 5. Black Sheep + 1 (Fri + possibly Sat) 6. Ashfire (Fri/Sat) 7. Scott (TBC) 8. Andy (TBC) 9. tartanferret (TBC)...
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    [June 27th-29th] Stead Hall Wood (Between Otley and Ikley)

    What sort of toys should I be looking to bring along? Another 32' chute useful? Marshmallows? ;) I don't know if it's needed this time round but I'm a general activity instructor by trade with bushcraft being my 'thing', I'll be happy to get people playing on a bow drill, making nettle cordage...
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    Alpkit's Top Tarp Tips

    Big fan of the tautline hitch, I infact used it for guys as well up til a week past. I'd got frustrated untying a 32 foot chute and started a google and came across the farrimond friction hitch. I used it quite happily on ridgelines and guys through the rough weather at the bushcraft show and a...
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    Hi From West Yorkshire

    Hello from South Yorkshire!
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    The Bushcraft Show 2014....who's gonna be there?

    I'll be there for the weekend! I /was/ planning on heading down on the Friday, but my lass has dictated that her and the kids are going on the Saturday. So I'll be heading them about. Once they go though, I'll be chilling in the woods somewhere. Might need a fire to sit round...
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    Moving house sale - 10% off!

    I'll take the Brush Hook! PM inbound.
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    Up near inverness, places to see?

    An easy one is to pop over to Dores, just a few minutes out of Inverness. It sits on the northern bank of Loch Ness and has a cracking view down the length of it from a nice wee shingle beach were I spent many a night in my youth. Plus, the Dores Inn pub serves brilliant food! If you're in the...
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    Looking for camp helpers

    Sounds like a great opportunity. Wee bit far for a commute though!
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    Woodland Job Anyone?

    Note to self: buy tractor, hedge flail...
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    Show us your bow drill sets!

    You've got a fair bit of charring on the bearing block there, grab a green leaf and squidge it in there for some lube and give it another shot [I see you were doing so on another set in that same photobucket album]. You want to develop a polish at that end after a bit. EDIT: Sorry, I'm in work...
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    Show us your bow drill sets!

    I admit to trying to enthuse my own hippy-esque protect the environment agenda.. oops.