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    French 'feuille' cleaver

    Ask them here: The brown board you have to scroll down should you mean to see nothing in the beginning.
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    What is the best bushcraft chair?

    I thing it would be a good idea to put a bench in between two mid sized trees if possible. That thing would be done relatively fast.
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    What is the best bushcraft chair?

    I guess, that here is a very traditional design, Keith, well fitting to your Austrian folding knife.
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    Name That Tree

    Yes, that works pretty well. Educated persons usually know the Latin or Greek words they need. It's just necessary to use them.
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    Name That Tree

    That tree looks nice. Let's call him Peter!
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    Berghaus Vulcan/Crusader

    I think about buying the Altas. One size is recommended until 183, the larger starts with 183. I am 184 cm tall and I ask myself if the larger one really fits. Do they count into theyr recommendations that some people have long legs? My legs are relatively long. So perhaps the back is more like...
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    What is the best bushcraft chair?

    May be primitive, but I usually sit on the ground. I use a military poncho and sit on it if there is no grass or something else but dirt, or if it's whet. A log is quiet comfortable of course. And pretty robust too. The comfortables usually aren't portable, but that doesnt matter, because a...
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    Trade Kettle.

    One is for carring it, the other for the house, I guess. I thing the cast iron pot is mainly lighter, because people where poor and the material expensive. The brass kettle of 476 g has which volume??? The spoon weights what? Does it have a normal size like most stainless spoons nowadays...
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    Ajungilak sleeping bag

    If you get out the exact weight and length of it you can look up a currently offered Ajungilak sleeping bag and the recommended temperature range should have been similar for the NEW product. If the bag should be pretty old, used a lot and have been stored compressed in the compression bag it...
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    Bivvy Bags...worth it?

    @DocG Do you have to air out the down bag every morning seperately, or can you keep the down bag in the Snugpak bivvy bag like I do it with the - also pretty light and compact- Snugpack Special Forces 1 sleeping bag? I can use this combination for several days and put it immediately in its dry...
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    Ajungilak sleeping bag

    The old Ajungilak Tyn Winter was develloped for the norvegian army. Different to other NATO armies they decided to choose the option to connect two sleeping bags of two men in very cold conditions because that could be life saving in their winter nights.
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    Ajungilak sleeping bag

    Ajungilak, pronounced round about "Ayoongheelack", was together with British made Snugpak sleeping bags, Savotta and Carinthia stuff the best European brand for sleeping bags with plastic filling. I think in the eighties they made the best sleeping bags, but they became pretty expensive and...
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    Electric chainsaw

    I used several Stihl akku tools professionally. They aren't cheap but they work fantastically. Especially cutting hedges is a fun with that option. But If I would have to choose only one motor chaine saw I would buy a petrol chain saw, because the trees you get usually don't stand next to your...
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    Forest, woods or woodland?

    In German a "Forst" is cultivated by the Förster (forester), manmade. "Wald" is natural. Because we nearly don't have untouched woods any more both is mixed together in the use of the words. (But we also have the Urwald, usually used as a synonym for jungle, but used for our last own untouched...
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    New start with bushcraft! but not what I expected

    Welcome to the forum! If you wish to learn something you could have a look in our selection of recommended educational films: Should you need some...