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    Are you a sexist

    There was something on the radio the other night - I was only half-listening as I was doing other things at the same time. On it was a 'character' who was into camping/outdoor/survival skills. You can imagine the cliches. He even came out with sexist comments and I'm sure I heard something along...
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    How to make a waxed leather water bottle (Photo tutorial)

    It certainly wasn't in there for five minutes - one or two at the most. Next time I'll have the wax a little cooler and leave it in longer. Thanks for the advice and thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.
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    How to make a waxed leather water bottle (Photo tutorial)

    Thanks for your help, Eric. It was natural veg tanned leather. I dipped the bottle in molten wax rather than using the oven. I did it very much as you described. I wonder if I may not have had it in the wax long enough - I had made a previous bottle and it went like crispy bacon, so I was...
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    How to make a waxed leather water bottle (Photo tutorial)

    I made myself a leather water bottle some time ago. But I have found that after a couple of hours the water inside starts discolouring. I didn't dye the leather, so it's not the dye leeching into the water. Anyone got any idea what's causing it? Maybe it needs more wax (or maybe the wax is...
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    Swedish Camo

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of Swedish M90 camo trousers in the UK? I know there are some airsofters on here, and thought some of you may know the best place to get hold of these things. I'd prefer originals, but happy with a decent set of copies (but NOT those awful Miltec copies!)...
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    Pattern 58 bottles - differences?

    I have both a BCB and a ex-issue 58 bottle. They both are 'Ospreys' and they are both identical and hold the same amount (2pints! NOT 1L. 2 pints is just that little bit more than a litre!). You're quite safe with a BCB 58 bottle. The Webtex ones are, indeed, the ones to avoid. I have one of...
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    Forgive me Bushcrafters, for I have sinned

    I'm not angry with any of you, I'm more...disappointed. You've let your parents down.
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    Bushcraft equipment

    This one's got promise...:lurk:
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    You 'have took' the literacy test and passed? Crikey, doesn't say much for the army's requirements.
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    which camping kettle

    I don't just want one of those, I NEED one of those! Are they available in the UK? I'm guessing they're not exactly cheap. What's the capacity?
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    For those of you who combine bushcraft and bike travel ......

    Good stuff. I've added a link to your site to my blog (link below).
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    Army style kuksa - mountain warehouse

    Or, for nearly half the price, you could get one of these from Wilkinsons: Either way, it's clearly a...
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    MEtal for fold flat firebox

    I used 0.8mm stainless steel for my nimblewill stove. Cutting stainless is a right swine - it was one of those jobs I wished I hadn't started, but was really pleased I had once completed. The nimblewill stove is not only one of the best pieces of kit I have, it is made even better by the fact...
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    Camping Kettle

    I do like the look of these little kettles - perhaps a bit too homely to be described as kit 'porn' (though one could think of it as a 'reader's wives', or 'high street honeys' version). Does any one have one and, if so, are they any good? They really appeal to me and I'm hoping to hear good...
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    I don't understand

    Yes, that's rather the point that I was making and you seemed to miss - you are not an individual you are part of an 'us'. A group. Not an individual. You seemed to miss that point. But do you see it now - you're just like 'them' - you share a group of common ideals and goals with another group...