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    Knife Recommendations

    Enzo Trapper perhaps.
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    Which hatchet?

    I've got a Fiskars X5 which I like. It's small enough not to be awkward to pack around and you don't feel like a psycho packing one in your backpack on a flight. You can do quite a lot with that size. Mine is happy hammering things, chopping firewood, batoning with, general woods things and...
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    took a hacksaw to my mora

    Only grey also
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    Large woods 'bowie' wanted (SP50 / BK9 / RTAK 2)

    I fancy one of the mentioned knives for my collection. Up for trade is a Himalayan Imports 18" Gelbu Special kukri ($165). I can't post pics here but here's a link to what it looks like online: HI kukris are top quality, hard working...
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    How many tents do you own?

    1 pop up (good for car camping with GF) 1 mountain tent (ok for 2 people, great for 1 person when on motorbike) 1 tipee tent (new and not tested yet) 1 cheap Argos tent (needed it for Ibiza when I'd lent out my mountain tent) Are you including shelters in there also? 3 tarps
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    Opinel no8 - worth a buy or not

    Everyone has to own an Opinel at some point in your life. Cheap and very useable.
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    Best Sub £50 Hatchet?

    Another vote for the Husky hatchet although I like the look of the £4 Toolstation one.
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    husqvana hatchet

    I got one 2 years ago and think it's great. It is a bit rough as you say. I had to re-edge it as the edge wasn't symmetrical and also sanded the handle down but after a bit of work it's great.
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    Wild Stove’s Wood gas stove MK II

    A really thorough review mate. I did a YouTube review on here months ago. I think they are great stoves. I'm glad others are discovering how useful they are. I think they're great for some simple entertainment whilst camping, feeding the flames and watching the jets.
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    Article: Wild Stoves: woodgas stove review (YT vid)

    You can view the page at
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    Enzo trapper! Any good?

    I bought one after seeing a friend's model. I really enjoyed making it and it would be great for quite rough use but to be honest I find most of the time I find I pick up my cheap Mora. It's not as pretty or as up for abuse, but I find it more useable for simple knife tasks in the field, garage...
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    Bushbuddy Stove - An initial review

    I've got one and the review below was by me. It's a great little stove and well recommended. It's perhaps not quite as nice as the more expensive Bushbuddies but good all the same. Nice review Pablo.
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    Wild Stoves: woodgas stove review (YT vid)

    I'll have a go next weekend at loading it up and seeing how long it will go for and post another video. Jacko1066: I would think that the Honey stove would be similar to the Ikea hobo as they are basically a can with a fire in it and not the same concept as the woodgas varieties. With this in...
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    Wild Stoves: woodgas stove review (YT vid)

    Your pots still do get sooty when used. I think that's common with all wood burning stoves. It is pricey compared to an Ikea hobo and in no way is it 15 times better than the the Ikea one so pound for pound you can't go wrong with the iconic Ikea hobo for £3, or evenbetter for free if you...
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    Wild Stoves: woodgas stove review (YT vid)

    After deliberating for a while on getting a woodgas stove, I decided to go with the UK company Wild Stoves and got their small backpacking woodgas stove. I love the thing. It's any excuse for a fire at the moment. Here's vid I've just put together if you're not too familiar with the stove or the...