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    Feuerhand lanterns

    They're lovely but have the light output of a large candle. I got a bunch of assorted lanterns including some Feuerhands as a job lot a few years' ago and started to restore some of them. You can get all the parts easily. From memory, one was railway with red and yellow coloured glass. I...
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    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    That's good to know, thank you Deekin
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    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    How does the 500 EFi compare to the carbed 350 - apart from the engine size? I've heard some people ditch the EFI for Carbs and simpler ignition
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    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    I regret giving away my French army sleeping back with built in groundsheet that could take a sleeping mat
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    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    fwiw spares are no problem at all. Burwyns are still knocking about over here and thanks to the Internet and Google Translate the suppliers in Germany are readily accessible. Heck there is a place in Holland that even has new old stock (army but identical to normal) ETZ frames. I had an Enfield...
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    Regrets - The things you gave away or sold but wish you hadn't

    Since the thread meandered onto MZs, I did a nut and bolt restore on this: <img src=""</img> (hmm can't seem to direct link at the moment) I'll try to take a more recent picture. All the pics I have are of it in pieces. Slowly built to to a spec...
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    Preppers bikes.

    Ultimate prepper bike wouldn't look like a prepper bike, something ubiquitous so parts are easy to get and can be parked up without attracting too much attention. 2nd hand old model faux dirt bike perhaps
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    I quite fancy one of these....

    This place has converted a few Land Rovers and will convert anything for you. Might not be as innovatively ground up design but hey recycling the rest of the vehicle.
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    Ration Packs

    I've used them car camping at car shows but it's been as much a novelty experience as well a a meal. Ie the US MREs have these vacuum packed muffins that start as a flat biscuit shape and slowly morph into shape. We call them self-inflating muffins. The advantage is that you have everything you...
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    Ration Packs

    The French ones are really good. With any of them though, if they are out-of-date can you tell or have they been irradiated/treated or in some way altered to stop them rotting? I know they are usually date-stamped, I mean can you judge edible'ity with your nose?
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    The greatest off road vehicle ever!

    Sorry if this is a repost:
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    Polish Lavvu Hammock Anyone?

    I've found that once the laavu is set up I can push the pole off centre so I can sleep across the middle. The sleeping bag still presses against the edge at my feet but not been a problem. An IPK sheet makes a nice groundsheet for my sleeping half with the edges overlapping the bottom of the tent.
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    Suggestions for cheap, maintainable, road car/small van

    Probably a bit late but a 2cv/Dyane saloon or van has next to nothing to go wrong.
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    Reproofing cotton flysheet

    there was a thread on here a few years ago about using something like brick seal or concrete seal as it cost for a gallon what fabsil coast for a small tin but was a very similar thing
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    swedish army trangia mess set: aluminium vs stainless steel.

    Out of curiousity, why did the Swedes produce both types? Did one replace the other or werer there two envisioned theatres of use? For myself, just to upset the applecart, I prefer the (aluminium) German system with three pots paint-stripped to nice shiny aluminium with a Swedish hearth thing...