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    Folding saw - cheap might not get much use

    For a starter saw that may not get much use, I've found the Lidl / Aldi c.£3 versions ok. I have 6 I let Scouts use and they've survived a summer camp and other training use. They are starting to show wear and tear much more than my 7 year old Laplander but they cost a lot less.
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    corona virus projects any one?

    Great offer - thanks. Question: how will I find it once it's up? Keep smiling and safe
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    Are we buying more or less stuff?

    I managed to find "Woodcraft" x2 just before "it" all kicked off. I can now escape from SWMBO's lists and suggestions occasionally by communing with John Rhyder and Barn the Spoon. Only challenge could be that in addition to Kochanski try sticks (10 notches in 10 minutes) and Fenna's netting...
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    corona virus projects any one?

    Really nice job. Learning netting is another planned activity to keep cabin fever at bay. Thanks for sharing.
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    corona virus projects any one?

    It could be the effects - or maybe the cause - of social isolation
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    For Sale LT Wright GNS sabre

    Wee bump
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    corona virus projects any one?

    Nothing like the quality of other contributors, but I spent an hour in the garden producing a stool - reading that back ... Anyhoo, I had a break from hacking and slashing in preparation for planting out.
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    corona virus projects any one?

    Nice idea. I'll keep it in mind. The issue for the kids may be finding willow so I'm going to source some from the woods then post information and begin from there. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Can you flush sphagnum moss down the toilet?

    For the JRRT fans out there.
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    corona virus projects any one?

    I am inventing things for my Scout troop to do as individuals. We're looking at badges that can be completed at home and we're going to have a camp by each Scout spending the night in the garden in a tent or bivouac then posting to our Facebook page. I'm posting links to YouTube videos which...
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    For Sale LT Wright GNS sabre As far as I know, this is the knife
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    For Sale LT Wright GNS sabre

    I don't know about the steel - it's the standard model - maybe it states more information on the website. I will ask about shipping to Germany, but post office is shut today so it'll take a day or so as Monday will be a long day - Covid 19 planning meeting in pm. Thanks for your interest.
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    For Sale LT Wright GNS sabre

    Lightly used knife, I think originally bought from this forum. For sale on behalf of son who's starting to make his own stuff and so needs to raise funds for materials. Sheath has been wet formed and waxed so holds the knife well IMHO. Knife was used for a year in Explorers but was not abused...
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    Winter Moot 2020 Videos - Part 2

    Well, I'm beginning to think that work can be overrated. That looks like it was great fun - except, of course, for the starvation rations. Thanks for taking the time to create the articles.
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    Leather A5 Notebook Cover

    Ok, I'll have to look into that technique .