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    Made a video

    Very therapeutic way to sit out my hangover!
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    Red moon

    Where are you based Hog?
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    Save the beeeeees

    I'm a beekeeper, a member of my local beekeepers association and a member of the BBKA. I keep bees in the "traditional" way, in boxes with frames of wax foundation. I've investigated the "biobees" method of beekeeping using top bar hives. The proponents of this method of beekeeping like to call...
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    Knife makers ! May I see your 1st efforts at knife making

    Albus, your knife kit looks like a Karesuando kit? My first (and still only) knife was just such a kit. Here it is: Like you, there are plenty of things I'd do differently next time!
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    Red moon

    Are we in a lunar eclipse? Doesn't that cause a red moon? I just don't remember seeing it quite so​ red before.
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    Red moon

    I give up on Dropbox... are you seeing it now?
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    Red moon

    Image fixed. Wow. Dropbox is a pain in the butt to get to work on here!
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    Red moon

    Crappy pic from phone:
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    Red moon

    I've only just opened the bottle of wine, so I'm sure it's the moon!
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    Red moon

    Anyone else seeing an incredibly bright pink moon right now? Was it forecast? The most intense I've seen it at the moment down here in Cornwall.
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    Sharps on EasyJet

    I've taken ice axes and knives on Easy Jet a few times and never had a problem. Being as they've always been in / on a rucksack I've always had to use the "special" baggage conveyor and so have always declared what's in there and had it x-rayed in front of me. I've always had the ice axes on the...
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    What is this grass?

    In fact (and again 'cos the photo's not too detailed), if it was taken round here I'd think it was the winter bracken die-back.
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    What is this grass?

    Bit hard to tell from the photo but it looks like the stuff that grows all over the peat moorland down here in Cornwall / Devon. In between the gorse, heather and tormentil.
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    Word association game

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    Historical Mapping.

    Not sure of the rules governing this sort of post, but since it's on topic I think it should be OK for me to say I help run a site that sells printed matter for home interiors - posters, canvases and custom printed wallpaper. We've found maps to be really popular and have spent quite a bit of...