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  • Hey Guest, We've had to cancel our 2020 Summer BushMoot PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information.
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    Autumn and/or Winter Moot news

    There's likely to be a winter moot in February, but not an autumn one Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
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    Bushmoot Photos Required

    Was trying to upload photos, but can only upload 10 at a time. So attached my 10 favourites and the rest of the photos are now on my Flickr account:
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    A request for MOOT photos (old and new) for the BUSHMOOT's instagram/twitter feeds ....

    No, they were uploading but then I realised there is a 10 photo limit on each post so am still working on it (over 90 photos!) Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
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    A request for MOOT photos (old and new) for the BUSHMOOT's instagram/twitter feeds ....

    Neat photos! I put mine in Dean's thread, but they're fine for instagram too.
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    Oh dear!

    A few years ago, myself and two friends moved into a shared flat in London during a very cold February. We soon discovered, when we didn't have any gas for cooking nor heating, that the previous tenants had failed to pay their gas bill and done a runner. It took a week to sort out, so I...
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    WinterMoot 2019

    We had a lovely time at the winter moot, too. My toddler made 4 new friends and ran totally feral every day. Our feral toddler: Walking on the dunes by Susannah Relf, on Flickr I decided to take the cooking theme and run with it, so attempted the following menu, and we stocked up on sacks of...
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    Ooops, I'll (probably) miss you.

    Congratulations on the child Tim. Sounds like you'll be having plenty of fun even if you don't make the moot.
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    Winter Moot Game Preparation and Cooking.

    1. Wayne Jones. Deer, rabbit, pigeon. 2. Paul Smyth 3. Tony (goodjob Wayne!) 4. Matt (Lithril) 5. Ian P rabbit deer, pigeon 6. Andy (Broch) deer 7. Susannah Deer, pigeon. I'm interested in squirrel if you're bringing them Andy.
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    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    We had a brilliant time, too. Our little tot enjoyed shooting arrows with dada, I managed to make him a crochet hat and we all enjoyed the fantastic company as well as the moments of quiet contemplation in such a beautiful setting. I was particularly surprised and captivated by discovering...
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    Brain tanning rabbit fur

    Sorry, I missed this. I understand you can reconstitute by going back to the brain stage. If you don't have brains, eggs will do. Work the egg in until the skin is soft again, then keep working it until it is completely dry and then finally smoke it. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
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    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    In seriousness, it's a way to weave straps (eg Belts, guitar straps, dog leads or similar). But I'll not be running official workshops at this moot, just have my kit with me and can give a few pointers to interested folk and plenty of coloured threads if anyone wants a go. I'd personally like...
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    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    We've got time off, so just a few other logistics to organise. Should be there, with a box of tablet weaving stuff for those that want to play.
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    All season family camping

    Thanks everyone for all your replies, all really useful and loads of good tips. We are still investigating and thinking, but this thread is proving really helpful to our discussions. We are trying to balance our need for increased family sleep space in our set up at the Bushmoots (very much...
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    All season family camping

    Hi all, my husband and I have a two-year-old and would love advice on the best set up for camping as a family in winter as well as summer. Our initial thoughts were a bell tent and stove. What do you all think, and can you recommend particular makes of tent/shelter? Sent from my SM-A300FU...
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    Phil (Chef) & Maggie's Wedding Invite

    Brilliant - congratulations to both :) I'll certainly be able to help at the moot - although 2 year old in tow also likes 'helping', so that could be fun :)