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Feb 1, 2019 at 9:04 PM
Oct 27, 2009
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Forager, from derbyshire

crowman was last seen:
Feb 1, 2019
    1. Red Fox
      Red Fox
      thanks rob you are a good freind:) ...
    2. Red Fox
      Red Fox
      Crowman i am geting exited now abut jokkmokk last day at work and go on sunday.I saw yore post on kinder and it remimded of when we were kids it would be good to camp up ther for oil times.Are you still going to middlewood dave brom is now.
    3. Red Fox
      Red Fox
      :) ... rob dave might cume on the ben trip if jim comes thats 4 for the tent and the start of a good team.
    4. Red Fox
      Red Fox
      Hi Crowman just sewn my badge on to my snowsmock, i feel like ive just been promoted. I think the ben nevis trip we talked about will be bang on, esspecially if we use my bell tent as a base camp. We will plan it at the end of the year i reckon due to us being so busy. The cost will be minium just petrol money.
    5. alan3i6
      any news on anymore camps? would be nice to get out camping with someone rather than on my own, if thats ok with you.
    6. alan3i6
      that would be really good if you could.
      many thanks.
    7. alan3i6
      hi, im from strines. small world.
    8. drewdunnrespect
      Now mate how are we, and thanks for the weekend it was brilliant and i cant wait for when ian AKA in woods organsises one at middlewood for january and we meet up again thanks drew
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