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    Mr Mears on the News

    His appearances on the TV are few and far between these days, damn shame that as ole Uncle Raymond really developed into quality presenter, the subject he made the star of the show rather than the presenter which is the norm nowadays. Really wish he’d/Woodlore would make there own series of...
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    Dress up knife carry - what's yours?

    TacTool, SAK or UKPK
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    Go With Noakes End Tune????

    Ah good old Noaksey, what a great chap he was. I thought him bloody great as a boy
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    Do it NOW!!!!

    A welcome post and very wise words that I myself along with many others no doubt appreciate and need. Thank you for posting
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    Spyderco Bushcraft BCUK

    Still hankering after said knife
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    Northern monk /haze beer

    I like yourself have a broad palate when it comes to suppages lol and I always like to try new stuff when I see them. As I say I’ve only seen two Northern Mank’ey ales locally, small cans&green label I forget the names and I was underwhelmed as I say. I’d not think that all the brewery’s...
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    Northern monk /haze beer

    They’ve all sounded pretty darn good although I have to say the odd couple of NM ales that I’ve found and supped round these ere Black Country parts left me distinctly underwhelmed I have to confess. Hope this one is better
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    Best buy of 2019

    Me brown enamel tin cup £2.99
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    Seasons Greetings

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    Spyderco Bushcraft BCUK

    Had a hankering for a Spyderco Bushcraft BCUK knife for a while now, if anyone has one they don’t mind parting with for a fair price let me know.
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    Reindeer Pelts

    Thanks man, I’ll check that out
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    Wanted Dorset Woodland Blades Bushkey tool

    Are these no longer made?
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    Reindeer Pelts

    I was intending on just using as a throw over the sofa really.
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    Reindeer Pelts

    Nice one Mr Wild, the fact that you harvested it yourself is what makes it special to you