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    BBC Expedition Borneo Chris :)
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    some fire thoughts

    Jon R This is a thought I ponder over every time I sit at the campfire, makes fantastic debate as well, some really good answers here thanks Chris :)
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    Course recommendations

    Stuart and buckshot, apologies, my mistake I thought it was okay putting forward a course reccommendation as requested by bosun, I didn't realise I wasn't allowed to post the link to it. I don't actually own or work for any of the links posted, although I do work in a well known outdoor...
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    Course recommendations

    Link removed as it's against BCUK rules - see Stuarts post below. Buckshot Chris :)
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    For people taking groups abroad - BS 8848 (draft)

    ExceIlant I came across this last month, seems like the bushcraft/survival fraternity has had an input - check this page halfway down Chris :)
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    Keep your eyes peeled

    Heres my bank account number 234£ $%&* ^&*(&£££ take whatever you want and send it to my address at:: Mr Kit Fetish The Equipment Junk Shop 69 Wellington Rd Goertex Bootsville :)
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    Hootchie Mod

    Thats not a hootchie - it's an assault course :lmao: Only joking Chris :)
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    are we still allowed to be survivalists?

    who cares what you call it? Just enjoy it Chris :)
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    Are you in the 2%

    blue hammer :)
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    Mention in the Guardian

    That's a very good article, thanks for the post Chris :)
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    Jungle training recomendations

    These are good Chris :)
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    Who is coming to the Bushmoot?

    Was hoping to make at least one day - just been told I have to cover work for someone on holiday :(
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    Bushmoot questions.

    thanks Led that's it, I'll get it printed off now Chris :)
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    Bushmoot questions.

    Thanks Led - but I can't access the link - page says the following: chris, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post...