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Dec 13, 2019 at 7:09 PM
Jan 1, 2010
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Settler, from Darlington

Chambers was last seen:
Dec 13, 2019
    1. Chambers
      Not been out tbh been busy with other things, I've been lurking on here alot but doesnt even feel like I've posted much lately!
    2. d-day66
      Alreet mate! Hows it going? How come no one has been chatting lately? looks like all the north east crew have gone on holiday! lol!
      So have you been out lately or got any plans to do so soon?
    3. ex-member Raikey
      ex-member Raikey

      Gimme a shout with ur addy when your ready for handling the blade,...

      i have some of the birch from Brockwell cut into scales if you want to use that,...

      its not quite dry yet but hasnt split and has a nice spalted figure in it,...

      i owe you one anyroad,...what size holes u drillin in the tang,...?

      if you do 8mm, i'll make you some pins up dude,...

    4. lannyman8
      hey up mate hows it going??????? made a new saw handle from some wood left from the shed. its not great kiln dried crap lol...
      it looks a bit funny but hey it works well and no need to but another plastic one that will break lol.....

      hey Rich if you want me to heat treat your blade let me know and we could do it together some time if you want. but if not ive got a place that sells blades ready to go from about £7 just thought it might save you a few quid and you would also have the know how for later..........

      let me know ok mate......be safe.....chris.....
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