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    gamma alpkit

    Always been very fond of mine but have had two over the years die for no reason (both well used and used hard!) no sign inside of any problems
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    Solo camping quistion

    Leigh - Reading your post I figured you were either somewhere in the rockies, chicago badlands or rain forest, eeek, Cambridge? Be very aware that wandering through the woods at night you're just as likely to come across a policeman looking for louts as you are the louts themselves, and if they...
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    Toys Up The Woods...

    looks fun, you're very lucky to have a bit of land with permission to shoot, or is it your own woods? would love to have somewhere I could go with the Scouts for shooting like that.
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    Sensory Stories - Spreading the word

    Not particularly bushy but I know a few people on here work with SEN Kids and many of you may have exposure to similar issues. A dear friend of mine is working on a project to develop a number of "Sensory Stories" and has set up a kickstarter project to fund it...
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    1000 Posts Competition

    MartinK9 - Same day and Month every year georann - 3rd January Dreadhead 19th February Shaman - 1st March HillBill - 3rd March persistent king- 15th march Chris_Irwin - 27th March Munkiboi182 - 7th april JohnC - 23rd of May Southey - 28th of May hiho - 30th May Mesquite - 1st June...
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    Scout leaders ?

    Yes they already have: On My Honour, I promise, to do my best, to do my duty, to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Scout Laws
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    Fund raising trip

    if you're going unsupported my main worry would be loading all your camping gear with inexperienced riders! Sounds like a lot of fun though
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    Cheap Line Markers

    if you google "LED Throwies" you'll find a few links to similar projects, they first emerged online as a means of urban pranking and grafiti! You could evolve the design by fitting a light dependant resistor so they only come on at night, then with a bit of duct tape to seal it, they'd last for...
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    Today's mystery object..........

    on the subject of "Mystery Objects" I wonder if anyone can identify this - the journalist calls it a strange "meaty" mushroom: From an article on the Daily Mail Website described by the reporter as: 'We can see there is something like a mouth; and on the other side there is a hole that...
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    Scout Trousers- suggest me some!

    I tend to use "Peter Storm" trouesers from Millets, usually around £15 a pair, probably only as hard wearing as Scout official ones, but cheaper!! Especially combined with Leader discount. Also available as lined thicker winter trousers
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    My Altoids First Aid Kit

    yup you're right, giving a concious casualty removes the grey area around medicating people!! But whilst soluble aspirin are fine (some sources say better than "normal" aspirin), its important that the casualty chews the aspirin for 30 seconds rather than swallowing whole or dissolving in...
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    My Altoids First Aid Kit

    PS I've replied without actually viewing the video as its not permitted at work
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    My Altoids First Aid Kit

    for the love of god don't put anything in the mouth of an unconcious casualty!!! without wanting to be patronising and pedantic don't put anything in the mouth of an unconcious casualty!!!
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    Hands only CPR

    my problem with the advret is that it doesn't make it clear that if you know how to do CPR, DO IT! But I'm just being picky. Anything that gets people thinking about it is good.
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    Hands only CPR

    Different protocols are down to national organisations providing guidelines just done a bit of googling and it seems there are international guidelines (well the International Red Cross have guidelines)...