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    Withdrawn Hand turned Bowls and Plates

    Did you turn those Paul?
  2. bushwacker bob

    Folding knife recommendations

    Opinel no 7 or 8. Meets all your criteria.
  3. bushwacker bob

    What To Do With?

    Berberis berries are edible not paletable
  4. bushwacker bob

    4 pounder to 2lb carving axe

    I think it may be still too heavy. My axe is 600g and gets heavy if used for long.
  5. bushwacker bob

    French folding knife maker with designs on blade?

    Lagoule still have a bee on their springs.
  6. bushwacker bob

    Steel Will Druid

    I once saw a steel wheel droid, but it was on a Starwars movie.
  7. bushwacker bob

    Met a knife idiot

    Ask him to carve you something like a spoon. With his expertise and useful knife.
  8. bushwacker bob

    William Rodgers "I cut my way" Knife - any good?

    It looks like a Rogers and Sheffield never invested in decent leather work.
  9. bushwacker bob

    Dyeing Leather without dye.

    Iron filings or wire wool dissolved in vinegar.
  10. bushwacker bob

    Can anyone recommend a sharpening stone?
  11. bushwacker bob

    Christmas Cracker Jokes

    Why isn't Santa going to visit Roy Hodgeson this year? He couldn't get past Iceland.
  12. bushwacker bob

    Cheap recurve starter bow and arrows

    Are you left or right eye dominant? I'm right handed but shoot left handed.
  13. bushwacker bob

    Viking Market Norway Trip 2016

    Some superb Pictures. Do you have an 'after' shot of the helmet the french guy was making? With the horns on?:lmao:
  14. bushwacker bob

    Advice: Antler scales for Viking Seax

    You will need to used a milling bit to drill a deeper hole for the washer as a countersink will make a hole with sloping sides. You'll need the washer to sit flat in the recess you bore for it...
  15. bushwacker bob

    Which carved best ?

    I have one so I knew it was good.:)