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    Why are so many compasses produced these days so ********** useless?

    I can sympathise with the poor quality of compasses-yesterday I took 24 mile hike with a compass I was given as a gift only to find out around 3 hours in that the needle labelled North actually pointed a few degrees off south and as a result ended up around 2 miles off course!
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    Word association game

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    Mora Pro Robust?

    Thanks for the advice everyone! Will be ordering one tomorrow 😊
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    Mora Pro Robust?

    Ok will do!
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    Mora Pro Robust?

    Exactly, planning on modding it a bit so don't want anything pricey!
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    Mora Pro Robust?

    Anyone here used the Mora Pro Robust? How is it? Been thinking of using it as a shorter knife for more control for carving, cutting, food and game prep and some batoning, in conjunction with an axe. Would it be suitable? What is the grind like? I've heard it's a little obtuse on a blog but would...
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    First try at spoon carving - critique and tips please

    Wow, those are incredible! Much better than my first attempt, which looks like a club with a hole in it!
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    Show Me Your Hand-Made Axe Masks.

    Dreadhead what axe is the one in the middle? I really like the look of that and don't think I've seen one like that before! Great axe masks by the way.
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    Sycamore, but which sycamore?

    Hazel on lime is my favourite!
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    What are you reading?

    Just finished american sniper. What an incredible life he had
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    I started a blog!

    Hello all, I've just started a blog... kind of. I've got a facebook page, on all things bushcraft! I would really appreciate it if some of you could take a look, and if you like it, please follow me and maybe spread the word a little. Thanks! Search for me-my page is called The Young Bushcrafter!
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    Which kukri?

    Was considering tora but as you said all their products seem to be out of stock with no indication as to when they will become available again. I think I will go for the 12" ang khola from HI, but with a villagers finish as I have no need for a mirror finished blade and also to keep the price...
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    Which kukri?

    For a while now I have been toying with the idea of getting a larger blade for minimal/summer camps- when I'm trying to get by with as few tools as possible, or when I need little firewood and there is a lot of ground vegetation which needs to be cleared. After looking at various styles I have...
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    Polish army tent - Lavvu on a budget ?

    Not that I know of, ours seemed to be just canvas and was perfectly waterproof
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    Polish army tent - Lavvu on a budget ?

    They can also be used like the finnish style "loue" shelter, with a fire between the two it works wonderfully and is a brillian camp