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  1. browntrout

    Mors pot and more

    I will take the F1 please, pm sent
  2. browntrout

    Ray Mears programme

    Episode 3 'Snowdonia' is on 7:30 PM on Tuesday 28th October, on ITV1, hope this helps
  3. browntrout

    Eka and victorinox knives

    I will take the EKA 88 in Masur birch if still available, PM sent
  4. browntrout

    Pine Tar Soap

    Can I have 2 bars if in stock please, pm on its way
  5. browntrout

    Tarp,Evernew Stove+ Stand,Pocket Rocket,Peak 1 cookset, Mini Trangia

    Can I have the MSR Pocket Rocket if still for sale
  6. browntrout

    Leather Bracelets

    do you have any of the bracelets in the first photo left at £5 :)
  7. browntrout

    Michael morris friction folder

    payment sent cheers
  8. browntrout

    Michael morris friction folder

    I will take it if your not interested in trades from Toots
  9. browntrout

    or trade knives, bags, bushie clothes and other odds and ends

    I will take second Bison Bushcraft shirt , payment sent :)
  10. browntrout

    hunter handlines/hobo fishing kits

    Order has been placed, thanks
  11. browntrout

    3 Knives..

    PM sent re BCNW
  12. browntrout

    3/4 Down Underquilt - UnSponsered

    I will take it please, pm sent
  13. browntrout

    hunter handlines/hobo fishing kits

    do you have any still available, if so I will take one