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    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    Sorry guys - made a mistake with dates :O_O: It is a week later 21st to 28th Aug
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    Conservation and anti-poaching course in Mozambique this Aug

    We are offering a 7-day anti-poaching and conservation course in Coutada 9, Manica province, Mozambique, running from 14th to 21st August 2020. This is a 'hands-on' course designed to provide people with a behind-the-scenes experience of anti-poaching in a one-million-acre working wildlife...
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    7 days in Mozambique

    PDFs Sorry - can't upload files all too big If you are interested then email me at and I'll send you the article
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    7 days in Mozambique

    7 days in Mozambique Foreword I was privileged to share a typical week in the life of the staff of Coutada 9. Though the characters and technologies change over the decades, the challenges for Africa remain the same. This is a tale as old as time. It is a tale of huge personal dedication...
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    Hunting in New Zealand

    -I realize that doesn't seem to make sense striving to kill him then mourning his loss if I do. The hunter's paradox
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    Deer stalking intro weekends 22nd to 24th Sept and 13th - 15th Oct

    Good morning all We will be running another deer stalking intro, and range weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening dates are 22nd to 24th September. A further weekend will be run on 13th - 15th Oct Course covers:- Fire arms safety training Ballistics Deer behavior / recognition...
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    New book - The Walkers Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs

    I thoroughly recommend all of of Tristan Gooley's 'natural navigation' series I've been lucky enough to do one of his courses He is a fascinating fella - knows his stuff - respected all over the world
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    Pouches from Leaky5

    I'm no good at attaching pics on here - never works Perhaps Leaky 5 has some and might care to post them
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    Pouches from Leaky5

    Many thanks to Leaky5 for all the hard work he put in to the pouches I ordered from him They were an unusual set of requests and challenges in terms of design They were all just the job Brilliant work Thanks again mate Regards John
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    First commsion on here finished

    thought it might - no worries j
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    First commsion on here finished

    Did you read the PM about my other potential project? J
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    First commsion on here finished

    very nice workmanship Leaky Gives me some ideas .... j
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    Beginner rifle recommendations

    That's exceptional shooting - especially with someone else's rifle goodjobgoodjob
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    Bushcraft weekend (stag party) @ Bowji bush camp Cornwall

    Mate It was an absolute pleasure to have you and your group last weekend All the instructors thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days Will keep you informed of the FREC level 3 - outdoor first aid course and the shooting and stalking intro weekends It was great to finally meet up with you after all the...
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    Considering a more rural house......

    I live on a farm with septic tank - no real issues if properly installed (which is most) Emptied approx once every 2 years at a cost in the region of £120 Oil fired heating is, I believe, significantly higher than mains gas but i'm not up on the prices of either as we have a ground source...