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    Dislocated finger

    According to the skills taught on the Wilderness First Aid course you acted exactly as you should. Any decrease in circulation due to a finger dislocation is justification for reduction attempt. This is such an easy procedure that you sorted it out without any training. Get a good Wilderness...
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    There was a good article in the paper last weekend about doctors realising that the research conducted on the drugs that they prescribe as being faulty. The Americans did a study that showed that 1/3 of all research is faked and 1/3 of all research is backed by organisations with a financial...
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    Definitely a good source to sort out herbal remedies that are not scientifically proven. has some good research of herbal remedies that actually work. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. A large part of our pharmacology can be traced back to plants.
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    longevity of First Field Dressings

    Let's face the facts. Manufacturers are out to make money. They are happy if you bin your out of date kit. I have FFDs that were issued to me 20 years ago that are still in my kit. They will work fine for topical applications. There is good research out there that says even medications can be...
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    cheapest place for a belt first aid pouch?

    Be careful with buying cheap. Most of us on this forum spend a lot of time out in the woods. If you have a quality FAK pouch then it will not tear apart in the brambles. I paid £14 for this one and it will hold up during your bushcraft adventures.
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    What works and what does not work. Medicine

    I agree with you, Mr. Snakes. The only precaution is that comfrey will heal wounds too quickly and cause abscesses. You did mention that comfrey is great for non bleeding breaks and sprains. I have to agree with you. Good stuff. Also, great for burns. Not at first. Irrigate the burn with tap...
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    Patriot Nurse

    I have watched this before. There might be some good information there but I just cant hear her through all of that fear based rhetoric. Guns and ammo is not the answer for the coming zombie horde. Community and good fundamental skills is what is needed.
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    Dehydration -Yes its that time of year again........

    I find that sipping water through the day is the best way to rehydrate. The body cannot handle drinking a lot of water all at once. Hyponatremia is a risk if you drink a lot of water all at once.
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    Simple Burn Treatment

    While working in the A&E, it is always worth a laugh to see what crap people put on burns. I have seen just about everything. The only benefit from cremes, lard, mud, grease, ointments, butter, gauze (ouch!), or anything else put on a burn is whether it cools it down. Just water will do the...
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    little bit of tick info

    Be sure to do a tick check each morning and evening when you are out and about. It takes 24 hours of being imbedded before the tick will transmit diseases.
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    Simple Burn Treatment

    I agree. The best way to cool a burn is running cool tap water over the area. There are a lot of companies trying to make money off of burn creams. They cannot sell water at a profit so of course they will try to tell you that their product is better. Don't believe everything that an...
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    Simple Burn Treatment

    Gill, thanks for finding this. I would be interested in seeing some long term studies on this. One casualty does not make a scientific study.
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    Hands only CPR

    Would you be happy to get cold sores for a 1/500 chance of saving someone's life? The other question is this: would you be happy to swallow their vomit? I have yet to do CPR on someone who did not empty their stomach contents unless we already had them entubated.
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    Hands only CPR

    It is amazing what does work. While working in the A&E I saw countless times where someone would present with SVT (fast heartbeat) and we were able to change their rhythm with having them hold their breath or maybe by putting their face in ice water. One time we had someone who didn't speak...
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    Hands only CPR

    The precordial thump was quite common when I first started as a first aider in the mid eighties..... How things have changed. The science behind the precordial thump is this: Precordial Thump = 70 joules of electricity AED/LifePak 12 = 200 joules, up to 360 joules. You do...