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    What did you buy today?

    Stripey Smartwool shirt :)
  2. Billy-o

    So....para 3 is as small as i can go

    I really had the hots for a Para 3 in K390 .. til I realized I couldn't get one into the country. My ardour cooled pretty quick after that.
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    No cook main meal one packet options

    Pasty? Or are you thinking of something that can last months and months? If that, is a can of Heinz All Day Breakfast a possibility.
  4. Billy-o

    What is the best bushcraft chair?

    I see a lot of those Kermit wooden folding chairs but personally prefer a low slung, aluminium and nylon folder :)
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    PCLE Bergen its a back pack in Canada eh...

    You should get a job writing intros for CBC radio :)
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    New Alox... Farmer X.

    Ah, that's right. Scibeer was the guy who made mine. And, was it the Pioneer X I was thinking of? Ift they could figure out a saw for the Compact, I'd snap it up ... if they could keep it compact :)
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    New Alox... Farmer X.

    I must have dreamed. I thought that the Farmer with scissors had been out for yonks. I had a modded grey alox farmer at one time, but it was too heavy and I didn't carry it, so sold it. But I could have sworn Victorinox, almost immediately after that, released a scissory farmer. It's why I...
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    Summer hats - styles and options

    Got to be a solar topee ... posties wear them here :) De rigeur
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    Yea or Nay?

    Fill it with ice and beer. Use the top for a table and cover it with plates of fried stuff with cheese. Hang the TV on the wall, tuned to something entertaining, and invite friends round :) It is a winner
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    Whats your camping tipple ?

    No, no, not that stuff ... dark rum. I am not exactly an afi of rum, being more a well-practiced if still recreational scotch-drinker, but I do like a nice, mid-priced, dark Venezuelan rum. They seem to have a knack. Wouldn't put apple juce in it though. Cheap dark rum for that :)
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    British Blades

    Disagree away, old fruit. Maybe we have different search results under Recent Posts. I am pretty regular there under another username and find it gunny. Sometimes very.
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    Men of Inspiration

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    Whats your camping tipple ?

    Cheap rum ... it has remained a staple. Nice in hot apple juice in the cold weather. Scotch if I feel I am living it up. Sake is nice in winter .. cheap too
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    British Blades

    Didn't say it wasn't that :) but the knife chatter isn't anything like as tuned up as BB in its heyday, or places like BF, AAPK etc ... not much technical talk about making or materials, not much historical discussion, few builds or WIPs
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    British Blades

    Blade Forums, BCUSA ... Messer Forum, there's Neoczen and sites in South Africa and Australia. BCUSA is more or less a gun and knife site with some outdoorsy philosophy and tips. There's a few favoured makers though, so be aware of that, and the knife knowledge, which is in some members...