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    There’s this old boy who whittles on ....

    Nice work there love his character
  2. bikebum1975

    Sycamore Stirrer

    Lovely piece old friend.
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    Who sell camp fire reflector ovens in the UK?

    I haven't yet just not had the time to but you can make one easy enough from some roofing flashing. Cheap and easy to work get some wire to hold it all together. I'll dig an old video up on youtube an old friend made
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    If its not strong enough in the perkie let it brew longer its still one of my favourite ways to brew
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    Would I be right in saying this is birch ?

    Black birch is what has the wintergreen smell to it. This looks to be black birch if carving it has one of the best smells going. I wished I could get a ready supply of it
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    Gas stoves

    Personally I'd skip the piezo starter they never last. Just use a ferro rod to start your stove. Truthfully all of the ones I own can't tell ya the last time I used matches or a lighter to fire one. Another simple option if you're looking to just boil water for brew get a trangia much easier to...
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    I confess to batoning with a folding knife.

    I've used my folders many times to Baton with it comes down to knowing how your tool works. Not one of my knives ever broke either and I've batoned through seasoned Red Oak with ease
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    Lauri puukko

    Lovely knife those are fantastic blades for the money
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    Issue with Zebra Billy burning food

    Did you add any oil to the pan? That could've been your issue to. I have had a couple zsbra kettles not much an issue there. Yes I've used them on the canister stoves wood fire and an old Coleman peak one never had anything stick that bad. Rice is always a pita though
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    How much water do you carry?

    Lmao ao seems everything gives it to you these days eh?
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    How much water do you carry?

    yep it does taste alright but doesn't really quench the thrust when hot as hell out. I'm a bike rider I've made the mistake a few times when out getting a bottle of pop near killed me a couple miles out. Heat and soda unless I'm home relaxing don't mix for me. That said back to the question if...
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    Bread/pizza oven

    Ya get it at a nursery. Any big box store that has a garden center should have it
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    last three spoons

    Really nice work man
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    carving a new home

    This is really cool. Friend of mine does stuff like this in cottonwood bark
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    Leatherwork - something abit different

    That saddle is damn nice. All the work is most excellent. Reminds me a bit of the old rat fink art