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    Uk hammocks sell it by the meter, as well as the smaller stuff used for ridge lines as well as ready made up whoopsie slings
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    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2013

    excellent, just finished packing myself, and I know exactly what you mean.... though it doesn't seem as full as usual... I should be there from about 10ish. gonna be a scorcher tomorrow!
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    Leather braiding .... how????

    It appears the article was lost in the big move, hopefully buckshot will see this and repost it :D
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    Leather braiding .... how????

    how freaky is this, I was looking today for that exact tutorial :D
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    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2013

    It looks like it is going to be one not to be missed this year. The weather looks like its going to be on our side, we have the fantastic wild food company providing catering, a friend is bringing a deer or two for a skinning demo and eating, and brain tanning the skins. the fantastic and...
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    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2013

    depends on the size of your fire ;) there will be a mixture. we are not talking chainsaw needed but the supplier knows we bushcrafters like to use our saws and axes so he said he wont bother cutting it too small. :D :D There is also a huge pile of brush that the land owner would love us to...
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    The Bushcraft Magazine May Meet 2013

    Exciting news!! Although Dering farm, home of the Bushcraft Magazine, is still too soggy to hold the event, we have found another beautiful site, in Egerton, to Meet on this spring! The site is just 2 miles from Dering Farm, our current site. It will be sign posted. There will be a water...
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    guyline thightners

    I have a bag of 20 glow in the dark liner locks - come in very useful... strange really as I generally use a guyline hitch hehe
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    Wilderness Gathering Knife

    Sounds excellent, what about bog oak, that would look good. An ancient English wood :D
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    Chicago screws? they have 20mm, but nothing longer, I did find a place once that did longer ones. Ah! here ya go found it again
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    9" Stromeng Leuku...

    I had one, sold it and then bought another, that now sits unused in the box - strange attraction to them really. Must dig it out and play again.
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    My leather work journey so far...

    Nice writeup Jacob, I have to say it was a pleasure teaching you and Edward. You guys are great and worked really hard and made some amazing stuff.
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    *WANTED* Whip

    I have a large black bull whip, as well as an instruction book. had a few goes at making them, very time consuming and the only one I completed was a dog whip. Not sure what its worth, what were you thinking in trade?
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    Will Lord Article : A Modern Man from 20000BC

    He's a great guy and we will be priviledged to have him at our may meet this year, and to have him writing for us.
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    Norse Knotwork & Runic Belt

    Excellent work Hamish, very clean carving and stamp work