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    Benefits of ketosis in the bush

    One thing to note (useful also for survival situations) and I mention it because no-one else has so far - if you are injured or sick, your body will not go into ketosis. Hence, if a group is stranded, the healthy go on water only and reserve the food for the injured. Once you're in full...
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    Summer 2011

    :D Always helps, doesn't it? The magazines did arrive today, and mailing is underway. All the airmail ones have already gone, and the UK ones will all be in the post tomorrow. If anyone wants to meet some of the gang or have a preview of the new mag, Bardster and Mafro are at the Landrover...
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    Summer 2011

    The Summer issue is due back from the printer today, so we'll be mailing out today and tomorrow. This issue includes articles on the San bushmen, an attempt to live sustainably in the forests of Sweden, summer in Lapland, and personal calibration (never fear the lack of a tape measure again!)...
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    Happy birthday! :D

    Happy birthday! :D
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    Eating Snails: Yummy-ness at negligible cost

    ...Dead mans fingers?! Not heard of that one! :D
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    Eating Snails: Yummy-ness at negligible cost

    Isn't there a bit of the snail you're not supposed to eat? I thought there was a bit that was supposed to be 'poisonous', although I'm not sure where I've got that idea from... perhaps this is the "brown gooey bit" referred to in the other thread...?
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    Roger Linger

    Might be worth asking on the British Blade forum - they may have more up-to-date information.
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    1-day Wild Cooking course

    More info from Carol: "Would you like to know how to make the best use of the abundant wild foods that are all around you? Why not come and spend a day with us learning about edible wild plants how to identify, harvest and prepare them, culminating in a feast of flavoursome wild-fusion food...
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    Countryside Fire Awareness

    I suspect it depends where you are in the average year. But given that it's so dry this year, and that this forum's full of people who go out into forests (and therefore might spot a fire first), it's useful info to have.
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    1-day Wild Cooking course

    There are still places available for the Wild Cooking course with Carol Hunt this Saturday, 14th May. A must for anyone who thinks foraged food can't taste good! The course runs from 10am to 4pm, and lunch is included. The venue is Egerton, just outside Ashford in Kent, and free overnight...
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    What do you guys eat for brekky and packed lunch?

    Usually have toast, but certainly porridge is more filling, and can be jazzed up with apple or other fruit, jam, sauces etc. Adding natural yogurt and honey is good too. I've never tried the soak overnight in juice approach; I'd be worried that it'd end up tasting 'raw', unless the acid in the...
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    Senseless Vandalism

    Sadly, if the people who damaged the wood in the initial post have that kind of mentality, nothing short of violence is likely to work. The perpetrator requires a little goodwill and ability for thought for rehabilitation to be able to stick. If the damage was due to thoughtlessness...
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    Pet peeve!

    :D I never thought of that one! But it's the bushcrafty way - just think of the trap-building practice. I'd just add, make sure the bag is fairly small and tight to the collar, so it doesn't catch on twigs/branches etc. Cats are just doing what cats do - this problem isn't their fault.
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    Housleek for bites, stings, cuts, scrapes, and burns

    Needs to be from local bees who aren't fed sugar during the winter - quite difficult to find. :(
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    High Tech Basket

    :lmao: That's excellent! And must've taken some doing, Cat6A is not the world's most flexible material... although I suppose willow isn't either, depending on thickness. Which is a thought - have you done standard basketry? How does the cable compare to more traditional materials?