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    Black leather sofa

    Depends on what you want to make, for soft pouches, drawstring, etc, it would be fine to practice, where as carving tooling woould require a harder thicker leather with these properties, ideally veg/oak tan. hope this helps. Ste
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    Heat treating and tempering knife blades

    Can't help with the heat treat i'm afraid, but a note about quenching in oil... motor oil is carcinogenic, vegetable oil works fine.... but I imagine one of the more experienced makers on hear will be along soon to clarify. hope this helps, Ste
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    Gatherer - bushcraft pack

    That is a really nice pack, if only the bank a/c was full enough! amazing work and best of luck with the sale!
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    A few knives made recently

    That folder is an absolute beauty! lovely work! atb Ste
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    Hello and welcome! sounds like a great project! would love to hear more. I have had some great experiences doing similar with adults with intellectual disabilities with behavioral support needs. all the best, Stephen C
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    Hello from Ireland (knife content)

    Hello and welcome! the knives look nice. Ste
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    Wool burn test?

    Thanks guys, i'll try that! atb, Stephen
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    Wool burn test?

    Hi all, hope you can help, Swambo recently picked up 2 blankets, brown and green, in a charity store for tuppence. I have a vague memory of a mention of a "bun test" to check if the garment is real wool? if I've plucked this from thin air can someone recommend a way to find out? no...
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    Tundra Comics

    these are brilliant! thanks for sharing. atb Ste
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    I am going to withdraw my request for the gift as i have other things going on at the mo! I strongly hope another first timer jumps in on this very generous gift! All the best, Stephen
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    If shipping to Ireland isn't too much I would love to take it! p.s. yes i am most definetly over 18!:o atb Stephen
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    Glad to be back

    good to see you back!
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    The " Cam-Dogs" Bush shirt

    Just wanted to say i received one of these as an Xmas pressie (the one above actually), and could not be more pleased with the shirt and service! When Cliff says made to your size he really means it! Mine fits like a glove and it was no problem to make a few minor mods. Its actually a better...
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    Crafting a wand

    Agreed about the distortion, but for something like a wand a 2" log spit to 1/4s and force dried would give plenty of material to be carved straight.