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    The boy's first night out (pic heavy)

    Thats Awesome :D Im so looking fwd to when I can take out my boys like that!
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    Colour Of Clothes

    Tengu!! 'I wear whatever I can afford, which is very little' you will catch a cold if you don't wrap up a little :yelrotflm :yelrotflm
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    Im there too :0) ...Tis very addictive LOL
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    First Solo Trip

    Thanks guys :D luckily I was the only axe wielding maniac and the only beastie crunching around was a sheep LOL
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    First Solo Trip

    tis near Pontneddfechan, they used to make gun powder there until the 1930s so there r some old ruins scattered about. Its a lovely place to walk.
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    First Solo Trip

    Hey Haven't been on here for a while, hope you are all well. My usual Bush Crafting buddies have now spread them selves all over the world..So I decided to take myself off on a solo bimble & stay out over night. It was lovely to get some head space and the night went well (once I...
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    Blackberry Storm

    I have had a BB Storm 4 bout a month now and it rocks! BB GPS is great for gen navigation and has a really good local search facility(ie where's the nearest pub). You can also use GPS with google maps with the aerial photos, really good when off track. Warning tho!! They r also known as...
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    With one wee knife :) photo heavy

    Toddy ROCKS!! Nuff said :D
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    who's out there?

    You shouldn't have mentioned you were a N London lad Jim, now u have scared them away :D
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    Bush Loo

    That is truly remarkable :D
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    Bush Loo

    Thanks for all the input guys :You_Rock_ as soon and we have thawed out (hopefully by the weekend) work starts on site :D
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    How to make a chair

    Take yr sleeping bag, whilst still in its stuff sack. Loosen off the compression straps and put inside a bin liner for extra water proofness. Hey Presto 1 nice warm and comfy stool :D
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    5.11 Gear Cheap

    All the buttons fell off my £15 M65's, after I fixed that, i ripped the crotch. Had a few pairs of the 5.11 tac pants, still going strong :D
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    5.11 Gear Cheap

    AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just paid £35 for a pair of 5.11 trousers, could have saved £10. Spendy Spendy when I get paid :D Good firm though, I got most of my wife's xmas prezzies from them.
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    Bush Loo

    Thanks for all your input guys :You_Rock_ Been out to the builders merchants today and scared myself with the cost of all the materials for the projects I want to do (Also converting the loft, got 3 boys in a 10x10 bedroom) So, I'm gonna get a Utility tent, and make a box with loo seat with...