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    Myocardial Infarction?

    Not anything heart related, but had to give up snorkelling, and really all my camping activitys, due to my compressed brain stem nerve.Cold water is a big no no, i cant even drink any cold fluid, or cold food. Walking that causes my heart rate to increase can cause symptoms(due to main artery...
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    Western USA Road Trip, September 2016 - Picture HEAVY.

    I loved reading and looking at the pics fantastic stuff, one day hopefully i will get over there myself.Thanks for talking the time to post all this.
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    Various jackets for sale

    Sorry ignore cant shift over file from full member classifieds.
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    Time To Boycott Norway?

    Dewi, your last response to my post was pretty lame, or was it meant as some sort of fun? Or intellectual superiority? I have no idea? You know my point was man kills for money not necessity(in the western world at least) and world over for stupid beliefs. But hey ho.
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    Time To Boycott Norway?

    Dewi, yes i agree with alot of what your saying, but animals dont do it for money, or because they believe a differant fairy tale.(best leave that there.)
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    Time To Boycott Norway?

    Man tends to eradicate anything that doesn't fit with its agenda, including itself. Im of the mind nature was doing a great job and then we came along and try our best to destroy it.
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    Is this not unbearable ?

    The worst experiannces ive had of them are on tbe moors south of Strathaven bivying it. Woke up and my olive green bivy bag was completely black with the things. The worst of it was i was only wearing underwear inside, i had to get my clothes out of my pack. I just got out quick jammed my feet...
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    Your #1 Best 'Get Fit' Tip?

    My sarcastic answer is, and as in my case dont get a illness were you are physically unable to exercise anymore. Drives me insane. Ps ignore font size im unable to make it smaller.
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    Swedish m59 boots

    Ive just chucked a pair of unissued 12's away. They rubbed my feet so bad still have marks on them,never used them could of had them though the p&p would be counter productive.
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    A Finn-Dogs for me ....

    Thats great. Very impressive.
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    Is this a civvy version of a Bergen?

    No idea re its history but i like it.
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    bits for sale

    Mods feel free to close this thread. Handwarmer not selling i will just withdraw it.
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    bits for sale

    Thanks very much, glad you like.
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    Guide shirt/ sadf rucksack

    nope sorry it came with pack attached to frame and pack straps being placed over to be used, i added other straps myself for when carrying the frame only.
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    Movie mix up

    The new Jungle book movie is a great family film.