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    Top ten plants

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    Top Kit

    Got an addition to my list - The tiny "orb raw" led flashlight. Size of my thumb but throws a massive 80 lumens of light - for 12 minutes ! Seriously, this is on a par with high end £100 plus torches for power but in a tiny £35 package. Runtime is short, but the batteries are lithium...
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    Bearclaw Field Knife

    Just noticed your new sig line Gary - a quote from Preben Mortensen I presume - top man ! Alick
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    Thunder & lightning: what to do when outside

    On a trip to the Pyrenees some time back some old college mates were camping out at 10,000 feet so as to get across some icefields before dawn next morning. We had a terrific electrical storm that night and when I picked them up in the van next day was told they'd had a lightning strike within a...
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    Broken Watch

    You should be able to find these details here new for under £70 quid on ebay. Not bad for 300m waterproof, black vapour deposition finish and decent quartz movement. One of my better buys.
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    Triangia stove help

    Like the guys say, it takes a couple of minutes. Sometimes the vapour from the holes is reluctant to catch in which case blowing gently across the burner can bend the flame to one side and help the outer ring ignite - but this is one of those dodgy tricks that you try at your own risk -...
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    potassium fire

    PP is commonly available from my local chemists' - about £1.20 for a small tub of "slightly damp" crystals - it's dodgy if you breath it in so manufacturers are backing away from selling the fine dry powderd form. On the other hand, I don't know where to pick up sodium chlorate without added...
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    Wood Choice & Finishing Oils for food utensils

    Hi Pumpy - nice work - the spoons look brilliant. Let me point you to the search tool, I know there has been at least one substantial thread that discussed woods and oils for eating utensils. Most veg/nut oils will do, danish and teak oils are often recommended, paraffin oil (a clear odorless...
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    Green obsessed...

    Mmmm. Interesting this one. I think there must be colours that we associate with different activities. Green was never a favorite colour of mine and I positively dislike brown ! I tended to avoid these in favour of blues and blacks for everyday casual wear but the more I've become interested...
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    Morons on site posting porn

    Well done guys n girls. Thanks. :)
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    Yep - tikka plus - I reckon the best available right now. Probably no more than £30. Personally I'd not get one of the bigger units like the myo, the best thing about the tikka is how small and light they are, far more comfortable than the big old petzl's. I suspect in rain forest, you...
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    knots on a hootchie

    Agree totally with Joe that there's no problem storing a dry tent of basha rolled up. Arguably better for them because the one thing that definately degrads nylon is exposure to sunlight - so packed is better. I think the argument's different about down gear though. For warmth you need it to...
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    Rucksacks designed for Women

    My wife picked a 50 L lady berghaus pack many years ago when last we were backpacking together - family trips are more car camping now. Berghaus did them in different sizes as well as womens cut so she found one that was a good fit for her 5'4". I'd go for a good name if you can afford and plan...
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    minimum weight carried for a 4 day trip

    Set a lower limit - say 35lb - then start with your pack and add things in priority order until you hit the weight limit. Leave everything else behind. You only need a wooden spoon to go with the knife. You can make do with a crusader mug and cook in that. Add one billy max for gourmet /...
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    What's your every day pocket knife?

    Spyderco UK penknife - designed just for us - excellent.