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    What is the best bushcrafting dog?

    This is a great book about the wild days in southern Africa written by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick. Much of it would be seen as un PC now but as stories of men and dogs and hunting and living in the bush go it is brilliant IMO. :)
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    Leather Journal

    Hiya I bought a leather A5 Filofax from a charity shop some years ago and filled it with a mixture of blank and lined pages. Makes a great journal and even had a loop for a pen. If you can get the ring binber bit from a cheap A5 or A6 Filofax style thing maybe one of the crafts persons could...
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    Solo camping

    I would recommend a guide in Africa unless you have a lot of local experience:) It's not the snakes you need to worry about (I hate snakes too) as they don't eat people...much. There are plenty other things in rural Africa that just might fancy a bite of you!! :lmao:
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    Northern Wilderness, your thoughts?

    I agree with leon-1 completely, I think Ray is trying to show what inspired him to go out and learn the skills he now has and demonstrates. He discovers books about people who really did go out and live the bushcraft life and then he goes to where the events took place and meets the people and...
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    Alone in the Wild

    Hi All Anyone watched this on TV, on channel 4 last episode tonight? The bloke seems a bit out of his depth and not sufficiently skilled to me. Great project to put together but would have been much more enjoyable with more training and better preperation. One of the very few people...
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    going barefoot

    The same in South Africa, kids only wear shoes to school and when forced to by their parents. Kids have to play rugby in their bare feet until age 15 or there abouts. Once the muscles in the foot and ancle have developed it is easy to carry a load with no discomfort. Also when the sole of the...
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    bargin cast iron bbq

    Excellent barbie, start with 8 or so briquettes and when they are going drop them into the bottom and put a bunch of foil wrapped spuds in with them. Then start a new fire on top and use this one to cook the meat on. When the meat is done you can fish out the spuds which will be perfect!! Meat...
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    Sausage in lard

    I worked on a farm in South Africa in my younger day years ago and when an ox was slaughtered the highlight after the job was stuffed and roasted ox heart. Sadly I was too young and stupid to find out how it was done but can remember it was a seasoned bread type stuffing and was roasted as you...
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    Stainless Steel

    Good source of sheet stainles is on the bottom of doors. If you know anyone in the building trade doind a refurb or gutting an old building that had kitchens in it there will be a big sheet along the bottom for the kitchen staff to kick the door open on.
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    Felt vs. Leather hats?

    Leather hat made out of Skippie skin. Worn on the beach in South Africa as well as on the training pitch in the pouring rain at London Irish!! Also widely used on camping and hiking trips all over the place too. Bit of leather proofing from time to time to keep it in good nick is all you need...
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    Native american quotes

    Not native American quotes but I like them Resist much obey little - Walt Witman Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest - D Diderot
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    What is your favorite quick meal?

    Breakfast - As much powdered egg as you want in a boil in the bag type bag with or without Pancetta cubes. Add the required amount of water to the egg in the bag and then put the bag in the water you are boiling for tea or coffee. Egg is usually cooked by the time the water boils, put the tea...
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    Things money cannot buy.........................

    How does the goverment have a duty of care to peoples children? The children have parents and surely the duty of care lies with them??? Where the parents can not be bothered to exercise that duty of care then it should lie with the extended family. Only when all that has failed does the...
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    Home Brewing Questions...

    Hiya Been brewing my own beer for years and have also at times been pressed for space. I reckon the minumum kit you need is a big brewing bucket and 2 king kegs. Kink keg is a plastic barrel that is pressurised and allows you to open a tap and draw off a pint and is much easier than bottles...
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    Into the wild.

    Hiya Saw this the other evening and thought it was great. Echo's many of the things about the world in general I and many others on this forum feel. Takes huge courage to do what he did and really sad to see it come to a sticky end. This is not a main stream movie and is only on Monday to...