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    Legion of Frontiersmen

    I had some dealings with them some years ago. They had a volunteer role then which was similar to the FANYS but without the parachuting into occupied Europe bit! Very nice chaps but couldn't help thinking they were paramilitary Masons.
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    Sold Barbour Northumbria Wax Jacket

    if Bartsman does not have it I will. thanks
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    For Sale Swotty's big clear out! Pt2

    Stetson pls if not sold
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    For Sale Spyderco Caly 3 and Terzuola

    Thanks for the Mauser photos but I will have the turzuola if not sold
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    For Sale Knives destash Buck 110, Spyderco, S. Mitchell

    If the Mauser is still for sale yes pls
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    Normandy ideas?

    I think there is a Tiger tank just east of Caen. Most of the D day stuff is good but the American cemetery at Omaha beach is overwhelming.
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    Bison Bushcraft Garron Pack

    The straps are strong webbing material similar to the straps used in webbing prior to nylon.. comfortable to use and attached to the leather with copper rivets. Very retro but it does work..
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    Bison Bushcraft Garron Pack

    I have one. Very well made, sort of a Munro in size with well appointed leather and canvas. I found the brass rings for side storage draw strings not to my taste so they are in the drawer now. Now working up to ditching the Rush 24 and carrying a bit less stuff about.
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    Long range elk shot with .243 Win (Warning: Graphic)

    Well ladies I bow to your better knowledge. It's just that my work 308 sniper rifle shoots around 1 MOA at 100 metres which works out at a bit bigger than 15 inches so perhaps they were very large heads. Bearing in mind that 308 is subsonic below 1000m I would think torso shots were a better...
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    Long range elk shot with .243 Win (Warning: Graphic)

    I assume this is a typo and you meant 100 m
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    Mercedes ML270

    I had one which as a great car, avoid silver as the water based paint turns to rust around the wheel arches and rear number plate. Interior fairly bomb proof, actually quite good off road, just be aware of the price of main dealer servicing and parts prices.
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    Instructor - client ratio, on courses. Your thoughts?

    Depends on what is being taught and the risk element involved. Competence also plays a part, partial experience and risk perhaps 1-3, complete beginners high risk 1-1. I would say that I find it difficult to do more than 1-6 for instruction and supervision on my own. If the instruction requires...
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    little bowie in stainless

    Much as I am keen on the modern style of knife making, that takes me back to scout knives with a touch of Randall. Excellent work.