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    This gives me the "want face"

    Want to chip in and get this?
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    eBay Hammock

    See, now you got me worried. What have you heard? Is it the product or service? Regards, Andrew.
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    eBay Hammock

    Cheers Carnegos, I was a little wary considering the low cost. At have the price of a DD I thought they may be crap! Regards, Andrew.
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    eBay Hammock

    Just wondering if anyone on here has tried one of these? Hammock
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    What brimmed weather-proof (waxed?) hat?

    Go for a Tilley T3 for a wide brim or a T5 for narrower version. Cotton duck and excellent quality. Not connected, but a very satisfied customer.
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    Unfortunately most beer, at least brewed in the UK uses isinglass in the clarification process. Most German beers are fine. Hic!
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    Hacksaw mod

    Nice idea for a EDC tin Url.
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    Have a laugh

    Meet the next Bond.
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    OS maps and satellite Images side by side?

    On second thoughts. Just been playing round with and it's much better than the one I posted. Thanks scrogger for asking the question.
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    OS maps and satellite Images side by side?

    Thanks Angus, thats a great link. Also take a look at Good at plotting distances. Click on the help section. Really easy to use.
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    Fjallraven Greenland Wax

    Thanks all, Going to make my own although the prices on ebay seem a little high.
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    Are there any left in the UK?
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    Bowie Renovation!

    Thanks for the offer Lyndon. There's no gaps to insert araldite, washers are still tight. The handle can twist a few degrees but no up/down movement. I'm thinking of clamping the the blade, twist the handle into place and use your idea with linseed. I'll post the result. Andrew.
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    my new/old bushcraft rucksack

    That's a fine looking sack. Going to look so good when restored. Happy memories.
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    Fjallraven Greenland Wax

    Hi, Where's the best source for Fjallraven Greenland Wax. flea-bay has it for £7.99. Is that about right?