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New Profile Posts

  1. Kepis
    Kepis crosslandkelly
    Arrived safe and sound - many thanks.
    1. crosslandkelly likes this.
  2. Bishop
    Nip up to pathology said the doc and give a blood sample, it will only take a minute...3 HOURS LATER hospital coffe has never tasted so good
  3. Brizzlebush
    Brizzlebush treefrog
    Hi, any news from Andy T re. The stove you bought?
    I've sent payment, 2 weeks ago, but not heard anything.
    1. treefrog
      I got the stove within a couple of days., No drama with my transaction. Paul.
      Feb 4, 2020
    2. Brizzlebush
      Sure thing, thanks.
      Feb 4, 2020
  4. Scotty Von Porkchop
    Scotty Von Porkchop
    Waxed bags everywhere!
  5. airborne09
    airborne09 Madriverrob
    I noticed your Bill speakman obituary , he was a boy in his day apparently . I used to have his autograph what my Mam gave me from way back from the 50s she met him in BERWICK when he was in the KOSBs
  6. Anvil11
    Anvil11 Dogoak
    I'm up for it even if we only get a handful of folks...
  7. Tony
    Tony sandsnakes
    Good to see you're back at it mate, hope life is good.
  8. sandsnakes
    Back at it.
  9. WULF
    WULF Craig-SM
    Pictures of the blades posted
  10. SurvivORR Bushcraft
    SurvivORR Bushcraft
    I’m a Bushcrat Enthusiast Living on the Wirral, always interested in meeting like minded folk
  11. max whitlock
    max whitlock Woodcutter
    Any interest on a part trade plus cash for the f1?
    I have some interesting gear to offer.
    Jetboil,mkettle, sling bow with take down arrows
    Just off the top of my head. I do have other bits also. Please let me know if you are interested.
    Matt (max)
    1. Woodcutter
      Hi Matt, I was after cash but drop me a list in case I can be tempted. Thanks Pete
      Dec 6, 2019
  12. Meltoc
    Meltoc bigboned
    para 3, would £50 do it?
  13. Bishop
    Making my own circular lamp wicks for the Aladdin's.
  14. Whistle
    Now retired … to Ayrshire SW Scotland
  15. WULF
    WULF rogue_0
    Still have the Finn bear and congress if interested
  16. ol smokey
    ol smokey Tony
    Hi Tony, I enjoyed your piece about "knives and the law" It is the clearest item I have seen on this subject
    Al previous ones have given the impression that if your knife was in the bottom of a rucksack or in
    The boot of your car, all was O.K. Because it was not immediately to hand.
    Cheers Stuart.
    1. Woody110 likes this.
  17. kyrrer
    Looking for a Fjallraven Sarek Trekking, ink blue, in size medium.
  18. bloodline
    bloodline -Switch-
    Get in touch mate
  19. Evey
    Evey BadUncleBob
  20. pinewood
    pinewood Nice65
    yes please