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New Profile Posts

  1. norfolknun
    norfolknun Tony
    Apologies for intruding but am unable to find a For Sale item I posted in Members Classifieds
  2. Insel Affen
    Insel Affen sandbag47
    Hi Mate, Are you still doing the Kelly Kettle offer?
    1. sandbag47
      Yes but it's Ghillie kettles. Just add yourself to the page :)
      Jun 19, 2019 at 2:50 PM
      Insel Affen likes this.
  3. joguy
    joguy Stew
    Trying to contact you over knives you have for sale, could you get in contact please
  4. bigandy
    bigandy TinkyPete
    Hi Pete, met you at the bushcrat show fellow 2dogs fan. Just thought id touch base.
  5. Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave Ian Atkinson
    Hi Ian, can you supply me with one of your triangular purses in mahogany please. If you let me know your PayPal address I'll send the money.

    Many thanks

  6. Bishop
    Carving wooden knife sheath, two nicks no bandaids and feeling lucky.
  7. Terry.m.
    Terry.m. Toddy
    good morning am i allowed to advertise a tent i have for sale please.??
  8. pinewood
    pinewood AndyP
    hi andy;is there a link for private messages?
  9. Lou
    my silver birch tree stumps have sprouted!
  10. Lou
    I was out in the rain checking for fallen nests and anything else out of place after the storm yesterday. Nothing found thank goodness.
  11. Lou
    We had 4 seasons in one day yesterday- icy hail, thunder, driving rain, sun and wind. Today it's 18 degrees. That is how fickle May can be.
  12. Josefk
    Josefk Tony
    Hi Tony , looking to subscribe and happy to use paypal but not on an automatic recurring basis as had bad experiences with that in past. Is there any way to sub non recurring Paul
  13. Deekin
    Deekin Bartsman
  14. Deekin
  15. Deekin
    Deekin Bartsman
    The server I use for storing my photos is down for maintenance at the moment.
    Here is a link for an identical shirt. I don't think they are available new anymore, as they are not listed on the Driza Bone site.

    Kind regards.
  16. Erbswurst
    Erbswurst Le Loup
    I have seen in your video in that tarp sewing thread that you use a hatchet with a long handle. Is that a good idea?
    What do you think how much more effective is this, compared with a normal length?
  17. Tom___
    Tom___ hudd4444
    Hey Baz my email addy, in case your having probs... a_gamble@icloud.com

  18. Tom___
    Tom___ hudd4444
    Hey Baz, did you get sorted with the messaging system....?
    1. hudd4444 likes this.
  19. Lou
    I lost my dog a couple of weeks ago. It's getting a little better now but I have been so sad, we spent so much time together.
    1. direwulf likes this.
  20. Bishop
    Whittling a knife handle