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New Profile Posts

  1. Bushcrafterman
    Bushcrafterman lupus solus
    What make is it so I can find a review
  2. nige1
    nige1 66jj99
    Hi. I’m not often able to be on here these days, but if I could tempt you Id offer you £50 for the snugpak? Cheers Nige.
  3. Steven1
    Does anyone have a SWC Woodlore knife for sale ?
  4. Steven1
    Anyone have a SWC knife for sal
  5. jimbo75
    jimbo75 Martti
    Hi Martti ,
    That would be fantastic to get some Lukkha sewing plans! I am struggling with the existing offerings.. and of course the more authentic the better. Although I would like more length than traditional.
    Many thanks
  6. Bishop
    It's amazing how quickly a quick bacon butty becomes a full English when I'm left unattended in the kitchen
  7. Into_the_wild
    Like anything outdoors, hobbies are camping, bushcraft, hiking, climbing, surfing.
  8. John Fenna
  9. John Fenna
    John Fenna herne_spirit
    Yup - I am the man and I can still supply the pattern book PDF...
  10. herne_spirit
    herne_spirit John Fenna
    Hi John. Not sure if you are the guy mentioned in the latest greencraft video? If you are do you still have the pdf file mentioned in the video you can send out?
  11. Dm1995
    Dm1995 Rangerj
    Hey bud message sent on here to your inbox. Let me know. Thanks.
  12. didicoy
    didicoy Dreadhead
    Hi there, just wanted to congratulate you on your new business name. Though halfgoat will always be a name I will forever associate with your outstanding contribution to leather crafts. Your new name will no doubt excel you and your work to greater things.
    By the way, did you ever sell those red vidda pro trousers? If not what size are they and would you sell them to me? Cheers Steve
  13. norfolknun
    norfolknun ScottE
    Hi again Scott. Do you have an email or on Facebook? Don't always come on here daily. Been bust decorating...but...have been watching videos on You Tube and have had the chance to make a woodgas stove (quite successful) and a ''Favourite Feast Spirit Stove'' which works like a dream
    1. ScottE
      Hiya, stoves are a good diversion from the dreaded decorating!
      I’m on Facebook as “Scott LureChucker” (it’s a fishing reference!!) and my email is scottelliott19473@gmail.com
      Me and missus off for a mooch today...horsford woods, beautiful spot, little bit of road noise from the new Norwich trunk system but, quite easy to escape the crowds and have a fire/brew.
      Feb 17, 2019
      norfolknun likes this.
    2. norfolknun
      Cheers mate. You may get two FB requests ...one for Jeremy Bear and one from Jeremy Norman. Both me. Bloody cracking perch in your pics.....have been trying drop shotting on and off but now the decorating is lessening (does it ever?) I can get out a bit more. I know Horsford...about 15 miles from me.
      Feb 20, 2019
      ScottE likes this.
    3. ScottE
      Sorted. Yeah had some nice ones upto 2-12 I think it was, the boatyards are ace this time of year, boat owners soon get peed off when they see someone having fun though, no matter how considerate you are.
      Feb 20, 2019
  14. keen-edge
    keen-edge bopdude
    Hi fella I sell on ebay
  15. Bishop
    Packing for moot, bergan complaining, knees twinging in sympathy. It WILL all fit inside dammit!
  16. akacoach
    akacoach lupus solus
    Is the JimmyPie axe still available? Cheers.
  17. Ascobis
    Warmly imagining the tarp shelter I'd put up if I were foolish enough to go out there. I have the ECWS gear and the wisdom to not use it.
  18. Breaker Moran
    Breaker Moran Fjellstorm
    Hi Max
    Assume you are no longer looking for a PK1? As you have a video on YouTube of you using one!
  19. norfolknun
    norfolknun ScottE
    How is it going?
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    2. norfolknun
      It's ok...found it. Daily chores here mostly...making sure elderly mum has enough firewood etc. Getting along with a rough and ready bush shelter in the garden. Spent three days carving a kuksa only to find a split natural) in the middle...lol
      Jan 26, 2019
    3. ScottE
      Lol, they take some time to carve eh....the fun is in the learning though!
      Love to see some pics of your shelter when it’s done.
      Jan 26, 2019
      norfolknun likes this.
    4. norfolknun
      Willdo. Also I follow someone called Simon a bloke in the woods on You Tube. I have been making the wood stove he describes. Tomorrow is first lighting
      Jan 26, 2019
  20. Le Loup